9Dragons receives a new developer!

While I was browsing on GamesCampus’ 9Dragons forum, I found an interesting topic with the title “GameCampus/Zerodin Games“. There, a player shared his thoughts, apparently to the Game Masters. Here are some quotes of his post, with my thoughts and opinions:

Hey i just want to say whats on my mind.

This Zerodin New engine how long must we wait for it to take effect?
with new skills/ bosses to kill

When I’ve read that, I was not sure if he was talking about the “all-new” 9Dragons called Dream Dragons Online the whole 9D community is talking lately about. If this would be the case, it would be probably good to inform him that this is an “own” game of a totally different developer.

Im sorry but u guys are just making me feel like u only want our money n putting on sales in IM is good in all but with no new game content the game gets very boring.

When I’ve read that, I thought “Come on… After Acclaim, who implemented new content very rarely, and GamersFirst, who did not update the game very much, GamesCampus is doing a good job with updating the game content.” First I wanted to post that as a reply, but after I found a post written by GM Gamma, I lost my interest into that… I will come back to that later.

why do we have to be exactly like the Korean 9dragons? cuz being like that or trying to be like that is really slowing the process down for us to get content..
were the usa version mix that ish up!

Uhm… Well, to defend this player, he probably doesn’t play 9Dragons since a very long time. If he would have played back at Acclaim, he would know that Acclaim had their very own version, because Acclaim wanted their version to be something “special”, what did just lead to complications, issues and problems. Because it was a very own version (don’t ask me how “own” the version was), the developer Indy21 had to re-code their content again, everytime Acclaim purchased new content. This often led to the issues of not-working patches, or the game servers being offline for many, many hours because Indy21’s patch did not want work, or having to roll-back to the previous 9Dragons version after a patch update, because Acclaim and Indy21 just couldn’t make the patch work.

Since “our” 9D version uses the new content, which is often known from the korean version, like the User Interface, a lot of bugs have been automatically fixed. As a veteran player one surely knows that Indy21 was always a very… “special” developer. Their ability to release a game patch without any bugs is very, very low. Therefore, it is just in everyone’s interest that they don’t get more hard work to do, so that they just have to focus on fixing the bugs once, so that we, the players, won’t have to suffer after every patch, because of their incapacity to write a good code, as it often used to be at Acclaim.

I’m not telling anyone to believe me… I’m just telling you: For your own sake, do not demand more from Indy21 than they can handle – You will regret it.

I think i speak for my self n probably many others if there smart.. I wont be sticking around this game come January 31 2012 if theres still nothing new to show are hard earned levels

Uh… Talking about smart… People who live in glass houses should not throw stones.

*I think I speak for myself and probably many others if they’re smart.

I do not think either staying on this game or quit it declares anyone to be smart. Everyone has his own reasons to do what one decides to do.


Scrolling down and reading the replies, I found, as mentioned above, an interesting post by GM Gamma. Here is the most important quote from Gamma’s post:

As for the issue with new game engines and changes there has not been any confirmation or announcements for this. Zerodin is the new developer that is taking over for 9Dragons. It does not mean there will be any new engine changes.

Apparently, a new developer is taking over 9Dragons – A new hope for this game?

However; I wanted to find out more about this “Zerodin”, so I walked out to the mighty Internetz, met the all-knowing Google and proposed my questions. And the all-knowing Google answered:

http://www.zerodingames.com/ – Apparently, Zerodin Games is a korean developer. Taking a look at this website, and one will see some 9Dragons pictures and the text “Ninedragons” as well as “Coming Soon”.

While I was looking in the internet, I also took a look about that Zerodin Engine. Apperently, there’s indeed a game engine called Zerodin Engine, which was made for MMORPG development. And yes, your guess is right – The Zerodin Engine was made by Zerodin Games. If you would like to know more about this Zerodin Engine, then you should definitively read this article over at MMOsite.com.

So, apperently, a development team which seems to have some nice developing skills and qualities will take over 9Dragons. If they will keep using and updating 9Dragons as it is until the game dies or if Zerodin Games will even try to port 9Dragons into their Zerodin Engine to make the game competitive with nowaday’s MMORPGs, that’s probably something we will have to wait for to know the answer.

Happy New Year 2012.


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