Storm Riders is more than a band, it is a legend , a way to think,  to feel, to be strong and free. There are some things you can learn best in calm, and some in storm.

haphap10 Pandora…Enjoy the little things in life,Because one day you may look back and realise they were big things,that you missed to enjoy!


DESTINY is a cross game guild, while our main focus is making friends, world domination is a close 2nd priority…

GOD2 Welcome to Guardian of Death Hero League!

UntitledThis page is about us and 9d. We hope to give useful information to our league members and everyone else who are interested about the game ^^

Elites Elites, white alliance




Vagabond Army, the first 9Dragons, vagabond guild. The vagabond community no1.

12-4 Nameless Path Hero League

my guid

Welcome to the forums of My Guild, the home of the Heavenly_Taiping hero league in 9Dragons and anyone else who feel they belong here.



9 responses to “Communities

  1. Yo, I cant believe you dont have Heavenly Taiping on there.

    The Heavenly Taiping Hero League is one of the oldest Bardo leagues. So rich in tradition and history. A mix of the most interesting characters and home to some of the most important players to shape the game of 9 dragons.

  2. Remove the link to DESTINY forum.

    As an admin of that forum I request the link to be removed since we dont want to get affiliated with anything other than we accepted.

    This blog is not on the list on the things we want to be affiliated with.

  3. First, I need a proof you are the administrator, second a vote of the majority of league members, you can’t decide on your own. Destiny is kinda in the dust now…everybody left.

  4. 1st of all make an account on the DESTINY forum.

    Then pm me there and I will show you that Im the same guy.

    2nd that decision was made by the admins not members.

    3rd DESTINY is not in the dust. We got 630 registered members. With an average of 5 new members each day.
    Also average of users connected in 24 hours is 84.

    All info can be found on our forum if you dont trust me.

    None of the other forum you posted up here are even close to DESTINY’s amount of members. Yes lots of people left but even more people have joined.

  5. Not only that Someone but Destiny it is a public forum as long it is hosted on internet. We can link it here. They protect their users and forum by private access but the address is public. DizordA you took that risk when you hosted on the internet. sedbona try to told you in the nice way.

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