Bloody Plain – Safe Zones are safe at last

Taking once again a look at GamesCampus’ 9Dragons forum, I’ve noticed a complaining topic once again. However, this topic was rather interesting than controversial.

Anyone playing 9Dragons is aware of the catastrophical PvP state.  The roles were never balanced, Safe Zones never safe and even PvP events like Storm vs Storm can be abused per bugs (disbanding Hero League) and force the main Hero Band to keep the fortress and win the event – And I won’t even start with how stressful it is to complete the Bloody Flower quest in Bloody Plain.

My apologizes for revealing the “bug” to force the defensive Hero League to win at the Storm vs Storm, but it appears to be the only way to change it. As long as only few know it, only they can benefit from it, and apperently the whole League/Band does not get punished, let alone the bug getting fixed. And as long as no one gets punished for abusing bugs, only few will keep benefiting from it – while the honest players will keep to “suck”. Therefore, I would really love to see what happens if more than “just a few Leagues” use this bug. Maybe, but just maybe, it will be fixed THEN. And if not, then at least everyone’s the same by knowing the same and being able to do the same – Instead of having just a few individuals abusing a game error and getting lots of virtual money from it.

To come back to the point… After taking a look at the complaining topic, I took a look at the latest Update Notes. However, I did not find anything about any updated Safe Zone penalties being implemented.

*sigh* Again a perfect example for the bad informative communication between the publisher and the community. I’ve noticed this already a few times at GamesCampus (as well as at GamersFirst and especially the worst company ever Acclaim). GamesCampus might do a better job (on some cases) than the previous publishers, but too often some things “just happen” (in-game or community related) without any notice to the community. I mean, the majority of the 9Dragons community does not even know that GM Venus is the Community Manager – At least it was written so once at her Facebook profile. Or one of the newest Event Notices about the current Valentine in-game Event. Knowing Indy21 for their passion for “limited time” stuff, people did not even know if the event reward epithets are temporary or permanent – Although, to be fair, it appears that they’ve edited these news and added the note of the epithets being permanent.

Back to topic, again… Since there were no “official” words about that, I’ve tested it out with a friend of mine to let others know what exactly changed:

When you’re in a Safe Zone, you will receive the following “buff”:

You are in Safety zone.
Automatic Life recovery raised by 50 and Vital Energy raised by 10.

This is just in case you don’t know where the Safe Zone begins and where you should stop attacking others.

As soon as you attack another person in the Safe Zone, you will receive the following “buff”:

Regulation for a Minor Offense
You will be attacked by Guard since you broke the regulation of safety zone. Speed decreased by 50%
Duration: 10 Minutes

If you keep attacking and kill the person, you will get the following “buffs”:

Movement speed decreased (Description is limited – no idea by how much it is decreased)
Duration: 11 Minutes

Disrupted Nerves
Cannot move (Description is misleading – You CAN move)
Duration: 3 Minutes

Disoriented (Description is very misleading – Game camera works reversed)
Duration: 4 Minutes

Back Flow
You attacked notorious Deviant Clans (a field raid monster) which has lower achievement level compared to you. As a penalty, you will be afflicted with Confusion; you cannot Attack, and Speed is decrased by 600.000000 or 300 seconds. (Description is lulz)
Duration: 11 Minutes

Regulation for a Serious Offense
You will be attacked by Guard since you broke the regulation of safety zone. Defense and Dodge decreased by 30% and Speed decreased by 80%
Duration: 60 Minutes

AND, as one or another description says already, you can’t attack other people anymore as long as you got the penalty.

Well, I don’t know about you, but personally I think it is about time for the Safe Zone to work properly and to be safe – as it should be.

With this upgraded penalty, people will stop to “grind” karma in Safe Zones for once, and defenseless people will have the opportunity to stay somewhere safe.

Justice has been served.


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