We are Anonymous – Support for Romania

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As you might have heard, there are several protests going on on the world right now – Also in Romania. People are protesting in the whole country, and even the mayor of Constanta, a city close to the romanian part of the black sea, joined the protests with people dressed in Che Guevara styled millitary clothes.

With a few videos we want to support our fellow humans in Romania – As well as other countries who need some inspiring words.

In other news: http://www.romaniantimes.at/news/General_News/2012-01-18/19265/Street_protests_continue_in_Romania

Knowing that we do have some readers who misunderstand every word we write as they wish, let me clarify some things:

There may be a group of hacktivists called Anonymous, but Anonymous is more than just a group of hacktivists – It is an idea. The idea of freedom. No domination.

Every idea, no matter how creative and unique it is, has already existed in any similar form. Ideas are free thoughts, and free thoughts are free to anyone. WE are Anonymous. WE are legion. WE ARE ONE!

The problem in our society – no matter where you live – is that the commonality, the “simple” people, do not have a voice. But WE are the society. WE are the country. WE are the world. And yet, WE give other people – mostly one leader or a group of leaders – the power to rule over ourselves.

We are Anonymous. Anonymous is NOT necessarily a hacktivist group. Therefore, we ARE NOT necessarily hackers. We ARE NOT necessarily bad people. WE are ALL individuals. But WE ARE Anonymous. And WE ARE Legion. YOU SHOULD Expect Us.


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