Very First (Real) 9Dragons Private Server

Some years ago, when I used to play 9Dragons kinda daily, I thought to myself “It is just a matter of time until there will be a Private Server for 9Dragons“. I wish that would have happened back at Acclame times. Although, it doesn’t seem that much of a coincidence. If we think about it, the “new” MMORPG called Dream Dragons Online (or something like that), which isn’t new at all but merely a copy of 9Dragons with some new functions and options, appeared as closed beta just a few months before Indy21 gave up 9Dragons and Zerodin Games took it. Considering these facts and the “coincidence” of Dream Dragons Online appearing just a few months before Indy21 closed, it doesn’t appear to be that much of a coincidence either that now there’s somewhere someone with the 9Dragons server files and is able to put a 9Dragons Private Server online. As we know, the GM Tools have been leaked before as well.

However, that doesn’t have to be something bad. In fact, I think it is more worth to play on the Private Server than on the official servers. The official 9Dragons appears to be cursed – irony intended. Because no matter what publisher and/or developer is under control, the game keeps it’s prehistoric issues, and although new content gets added from time to time, the old bugs don’t get fixed. First Acclame, the worst publisher ever which kinda stole the customers money and “disappeared in the dust” just like its “spokesmen” who gave their worthless word over again. Then GamersFirst whose spokesman said over again “yes yes” but did “no no” and didn’t even had the courage to inform their moderators about their true intention – that they didn’t want to do much for one year, to see if it is worthy to keep 9Dragons. And now CamesCampus; Of course, I have to admit that GamesCampus does a lot things pretty good. Yet, they often don’t really have the interest to listen to criticism because they’re tired of complaints and therefore think every criticism is a complaint – Understandable, but not professional. Also their informative communication isn’t as good as it should be, and that is not understandable. It wasn’t understandable back at Acclame either.

To be honest, I haven’t played 9Dragons in a while, but what I hear from it… Well, there certainly are different opinions about it, so lets just say that there are many who quit 9Dragons and move(d) on. However, to those who want to play 9Dragons rather “just for fun”, they might like the 20x rates on the Private Server. An Item Mall is or will be available too, so if you want to waste some money on virtual things (no judgement intented – I wasted money on 9Dragons, too), you’ll be able to do so there as well.

The 20x rate counts for the experience and the skill rate, sadly not the drop rate as well. As far as I can tell after reading a bit on their forum, it has anything to do with the code they would need to adjust, something which is, as they say, not impossible but very hard to do.

The game itself appears to be called 9Dragons Reincarnation and/or Play9D. You can check out their website over at or visit their forums at


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