As one tale ends, another begins…

Since I’ve left 9Dragons, I’ve found many ways to help others, and things which are way more worthy to fight for than an unprofessional publisher/developer or a promised role of the path less taken on an ancient computer online game. I’ve kept writing on this blog because Sedbona, the creator of this blog, kind of gave the blog to me, and because we had kind of many readers/visitors I didn’t want this blog to die.

My interests went away of 9Dragons and more into more important stuff (more important because on such things there are way more people to care about than there are on 9Dragons). Therefore I wanted to turn this blog to something else, less 9Dragons and more kind of activism related. I haven’t played 9Dragons since ages, and when I tried it once again there were the same, old issues… Offline maps, disconnections on map change, little communication from the publisher and/or developer with a very limited amount of informations, ignorant and hating community members, etc. Therefore, there’s not at all a reason for me to keep using my time on anything related to 9Dragons.

However, since Sedbona has returned to this blog and even already posted an article, I’ve decided to leave this blog totally to her, so this blog can keep being related to 9Dragons as it is since the beginning, and I can focus on a very own blog where I’ll write about some things I find important to know about. If you liked my last few posts on this blog, then you might be interested in visiting it from time to time – it will contain such kind of articles.

If you like to read about my thoughts, you can find me at

May you all find in your life what you’re looking for, and for those who still play 9Dragons, much fun while it lasts.



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