The blue gray sky is reeling from the darkness of the night. The last rays of sun bathe in troubled waters . Different shapes are covering the sky.  A sword sound can be heard . It slid slowly carried on the wings of the wind… the sword is falling, as the breath  weakens. Another life will be taken…or be given.

Hero stood near the water to wash the blood on his sword and suddenly hear a strange noise then a few words in a strange language …

“Oh you mortals, that live among creatures .The darkness will take all the life on this earth. Will bring torture and pain … Beware .Unite the clans… the years to come will be few. Face your destiny, being of earth “

He stand up and heading for the place where he heard the voice with the sword on his hands. The voice came from behind an old tree. First a red veil appeared and in the next moment he was face to face with a creature of rare beauty.

The young woman wore a dress embroidered with gold thread and a light tunic with short sleeves that did not have any button or seam in sight. On her chest was light jewelry with several letters written in a strange language.

-Finally, “said the woman’, with a strange accent.

-Are you Hero?

-How do you know my name?Who are you? asked Hero.

-I don’t know.They call me Yi.

-I came to say to you … “Listen to the old song of stars, it give you wings to fly. The gate of dragons is open. The dragon light surrounds you … “

-You speak strange, said after a pause Hero.

-Are you a demon? Or a sacred flower ?

– No, said the woman with a sweat voice.

-Then what are you? From where you come from ? asked Hero.

-The sky beyond. From that world. .. It’s hard to name it. Than she look at the sky and stretched her hand.

Hero looked at the sky and didn’t see anything unusual. There were many starts. When he look down the woman disappeared and in her place he sow an old book. He took it from the ground and read the tile on the cover ‘ The road to 9dragons arts’.

PS : Stay tune for the new journey of the dragons…


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