A new face of 9Dragons?

I stopped to play 9dragons long time ago, yet from time to time I still ‘hear news’… Seems that lately, a new game, ‘Dream Dragons Online‘  using 3D technology is build up from the remains of the old 9dragons. The game is produced by Storm Entertainment and the first news on this game dates since 28.06.2011. The clans, clothes, kung fu moves are build up on the ground of 9dragons as we know it, adding new features like pets, marriage system & so on . Let’s see some videos & screens :





So… there should be some questions  awaiting responses : Has Indy21 sold the game patterns ? Were stolen ? Or is this the new 9d version for 2012 ? Btw… Indy21 internet page no longer exist… redirects to 9D K.


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