Official GC Server vs. Private Server (1)

Even if 9d  is considered by many a primitive game, when a change is up, people are mobilized and wants to see what adds on, if it is good or bad, or if there is a chance for this game to have a future…

9dragons passed through many changes in time and the fact that, changed too many publishers and gave to players too many broken hopes and fixes led to worse game playing and community.

Today I will speak about the community of both servers. There are some truths that can not be appealed :

1. Nerd, Geek & Non Lifers moved from one server to another and tried to impose its culture and ways of playing the game. The good thing is that, there are a lot of depressed cool kids…

2.The strong point of the official server is the social life generated by hero bands and parties. On the private server, bands and parties are bugged so the players are  deprived of the team work. The loney hero in a game for teams is hard to play…

3. The sense of community for both servers is disrupted.

4. The range of ROLES  is not well defined. Basically, there are five roles that people have that change over time:

a)Visitors need to be welcomed. On official forum they got scared by the old “mole”, on private forum they are “ignored”.
b)Novices need instruction.  On official forum they have guides, but also “shut up” button on. On private more, none.
c)Regulars need rewards and perks. Both servers don’t have a fair and balanced reward system.
d)Leaders need to be empowered. Same old routine : who knows “x”, have “y’.
e)Elders need to be appreciated and honored. Here’s something  only you education gives…

5.In the old days, asking questions and, if you didn’t know the answer, helping the person find the answer was part of the fun of the game. Helping total strangers with quests or helping them with their character’s profession was fun and you made new friends. Now  if you asked the wrong person question you are criticized and called a ‘noob.’ In both servers the sense of helping parished.

6.The lack of leadership. Both of communities are lacking in strong leaders. In fact,the leaders from old days left the game long time ago. If the community don’t have leaders to plead for the players claims, the game will not evolve. In old days even if there were bad players, that made lots of acts of injustice , the balance was maintained by the  leaders. People needs strong leadership to survive and have a direction. I see none.

7. Both communities have no story to tell…