Official GC Server vs. Private Server (1)

Even if 9d  is considered by many a primitive game, when a change is up, people are mobilized and wants to see what adds on, if it is good or bad, or if there is a chance for this game to have a future…

9dragons passed through many changes in time and the fact that, changed too many publishers and gave to players too many broken hopes and fixes led to worse game playing and community.

Today I will speak about the community of both servers. There are some truths that can not be appealed :

1. Nerd, Geek & Non Lifers moved from one server to another and tried to impose its culture and ways of playing the game. The good thing is that, there are a lot of depressed cool kids…

2.The strong point of the official server is the social life generated by hero bands and parties. On the private server, bands and parties are bugged so the players are  deprived of the team work. The loney hero in a game for teams is hard to play…

3. The sense of community for both servers is disrupted.

4. The range of ROLES  is not well defined. Basically, there are five roles that people have that change over time:

a)Visitors need to be welcomed. On official forum they got scared by the old “mole”, on private forum they are “ignored”.
b)Novices need instruction.  On official forum they have guides, but also “shut up” button on. On private more, none.
c)Regulars need rewards and perks. Both servers don’t have a fair and balanced reward system.
d)Leaders need to be empowered. Same old routine : who knows “x”, have “y’.
e)Elders need to be appreciated and honored. Here’s something  only you education gives…

5.In the old days, asking questions and, if you didn’t know the answer, helping the person find the answer was part of the fun of the game. Helping total strangers with quests or helping them with their character’s profession was fun and you made new friends. Now  if you asked the wrong person question you are criticized and called a ‘noob.’ In both servers the sense of helping parished.

6.The lack of leadership. Both of communities are lacking in strong leaders. In fact,the leaders from old days left the game long time ago. If the community don’t have leaders to plead for the players claims, the game will not evolve. In old days even if there were bad players, that made lots of acts of injustice , the balance was maintained by the  leaders. People needs strong leadership to survive and have a direction. I see none.

7. Both communities have no story to tell…


The begging and prays for VGM system are back

The begging and prays for VGM system on GC forum make me sick. “Please GC, bring back the VGMs…” Wow, somebody’s a sore loser. Love, peace and chicken grease… Some players can’t get over the ‘past’, when they had the power to screw up with the rest. Mirror, mirror on the wall, who’s the most powerful player of them all? It’s me, the VGM. GOD, IT’S SO HARD TO BE MODEST!

Well, why do, I, as a mature player got to put up with marginalized kids that plays the role of the powerful ‘kings’, of course in virtual life, with no basic skills and training for community communication. What they can teach me. How they can be useful to me?

In my opinion, if Games Campus is a professional game company, for sure, will not put ‘unknown’ persons to make important things or say important things. Acclaim invented the VGMs for one reason: gain more money with few resources. To don’t pay more GMs, they took free ‘work force’, inventing this system, which was a failure from the start by the end. Who is so naïve to believe that on internet we have many Jesus Christ, to sacrifice for the best of the virtual ‘humans’?

It is funny on GC forum how they serve the ‘the hackers song’. What a VGM can do against a hacker? Has GMs tool? He reports to GM the player that he believes he hacks? We can do that via support. In reality with no VGM system, they lost the privileges: speak with GMs, use bugs reported by players, lost of free items and gear, test the updates, & others more.

After 7-8 pages of crying, here comes the bomb:

At the moment, we will not have a VGM system for 9Dragons as we plan to be in-game as much as we can. It seems that a lot of the pro argument for VGMs are to keep hackers and exploiters at bay, but with the integration of anti-hack and a strict policy this should not be a major issue during service. But, we may be looking for a few moderators for the forums in the near near future.

So my friends, for now fear not. My children, you have been saved.But, the fight for moderators will continue…

Opt-in Page is now LIVE!, Opt-in now!

Hey Dragons!

The Opt-in page is now live and you can access it here:

Opt-in page direct link


  • Clicking the link will take you to a log in page if you are not logged in already. Log in first.
  • Read the statement on the page and decide if you accept or reject the sharing of your information
  • Click Accept or Reject
  • Click “yes” to confirm either choice
  • After this you are done, and given a confirmation notice
  • Repeat steps 1-4 for EACH account you wish to opt in to the transfer.

What this does is “flag” the account in our DB as having given us permission to transfer your account details to Indy21 on 9/15/11. Only flagged accounts will be transferred to Indy21.

We do not condone any kind of account sharing. You should only be opting in YOUR accounts. We will not be able to give additional support to users that share their account details with others. 

Thanks all! (HYPERION)

GC Forum Signature Event

9 Dragons Community,

It’s time the staff members have signatures relating to 9 Dragons and we have decided to let the community make one for us since there are many talented people out there and we want to see your work. The top 5 signature that we select will be winning 1,500 CC for use in any of our titles or 9 Dragons when we launch. However you decide to spend the CC, it’s your choice.

Event Period
August 15, 2011 ~ August 26, 2011
Forum Will Be Locked On August 26, 2011 @ 23:59:59 (11:59 PM) Server Time

1,500 CC For Each Winner

Signatures must relate to 9 Dragons and meet all the signature requirements. Please remember to also follow the forum rules as well when creating a signature. We ask that you avoid using any kind of offensive images.

Event Details
Create a forum signature for our staff members and post them in the forums on the following link. There is no requirements for you to create 5 signatures. All you need to create is 1 signature.

Link To Signature Event


Result Announcement
August 30, 2011




9 Dragons Social Media Sites

9 Dragons Community,We have just launched our social media sites so stop by to check us out and say hello to the 9 Dragons team.Facebook



Be sure to follow us, like us and subscribe to our social media sites for all the latest news and event details

Thanks For The Support (FC3S)

Experience Booster!, Weekend event 6/24 – 6/26

Hyperion, the King of Nubs will bless the Land with double experience(Skill and exp) throughout the weekend.

The double exp event is scheduled to begin at 1.30AM PDT, Friday.
Make sure your there! (Trixter)

Video Showcase!, It’s showoff time! (24.06.2011 – end day)

We want to see the community in action! We have some theories about how creative and talented you all are, but haven’t yet done a forum event yet so we are kicking it off with something simple. If you have any other good ideas for forum contests in the future,post here..

For this event, we want to see some awesome videos of 9Dragons in action! Now that the Healers have some shiny new skills, it is the perfect time for you to create a 2minute video of your character’s (any class, Healers are highly encouraged to participate) skills by using your creative ability and knowledge of 9Dragons to win attractive prizes for various categories.

Winners will be chosen from each category (Mentioned below) also, we will choose top 3 of the best videos from all the categories and they will be given a Special Prize(s) (listed below)!

1) Best Healer skills:
2) Best Warrior skills:
3) Best Hybrid skills:
4) Best Nuker skills:
5) Best Editing:
6) Best Music:
7) Best Funniest Video:
8) Other Random Categories that might come up after the last day for video submission

Max movie length 
2 Minutes
Last Day for video submission
June 24th 2011
Winners Announced
June 30th 2011

1st Place in each category (Mentioned above) wins: 30day Premium + Swimsuit Deco (30days) + 5 Qulin Mirror + Forum Title (According to winning Category)
2nd Place in each category (Mentioned above) wins: 30day Premium + Swimsuit Deco (30days)
3rd Place in each category (Mentioned above) wins: Swimsuit Deco (30days)
Note: There COULD be other additional prizes given out based on the content of the video.

Rules and Guidelines:
1) The video MUST be 2 minutes in length or less.
2) Most, if not all, of the video should be in-game footage. We don’t want to stifle any creative ideas you have, but the focus here is on in-game footage.
3) Mention the category you want to take part in.
4) This topic is not for discussion; only for link(s) to your videos, a brief description if you want, and the category you are competing for can be posted
5) Posting anything else other than video links will lead to a mute along with post deletion.
6) Please upload your videos on “Youtube” and link us to them in your post.
7) DO NOT use Copyrighted material as your video maybe removed from Youtube. This includes most songs.
8) Please go here for discussion regarding this event.

Example post: 
Category: Best Editing, Best Healer Video
Role: Healer

Here is my cool video!, It show’s me pwn’ing nubs in the face. biggrin.gif

This topic will be opened on Saturday(June 4th 2011)! (Trixter)