Official GC Server vs. Private Server (1)

Even if 9d  is considered by many a primitive game, when a change is up, people are mobilized and wants to see what adds on, if it is good or bad, or if there is a chance for this game to have a future…

9dragons passed through many changes in time and the fact that, changed too many publishers and gave to players too many broken hopes and fixes led to worse game playing and community.

Today I will speak about the community of both servers. There are some truths that can not be appealed :

1. Nerd, Geek & Non Lifers moved from one server to another and tried to impose its culture and ways of playing the game. The good thing is that, there are a lot of depressed cool kids…

2.The strong point of the official server is the social life generated by hero bands and parties. On the private server, bands and parties are bugged so the players are  deprived of the team work. The loney hero in a game for teams is hard to play…

3. The sense of community for both servers is disrupted.

4. The range of ROLES  is not well defined. Basically, there are five roles that people have that change over time:

a)Visitors need to be welcomed. On official forum they got scared by the old “mole”, on private forum they are “ignored”.
b)Novices need instruction.  On official forum they have guides, but also “shut up” button on. On private more, none.
c)Regulars need rewards and perks. Both servers don’t have a fair and balanced reward system.
d)Leaders need to be empowered. Same old routine : who knows “x”, have “y’.
e)Elders need to be appreciated and honored. Here’s something  only you education gives…

5.In the old days, asking questions and, if you didn’t know the answer, helping the person find the answer was part of the fun of the game. Helping total strangers with quests or helping them with their character’s profession was fun and you made new friends. Now  if you asked the wrong person question you are criticized and called a ‘noob.’ In both servers the sense of helping parished.

6.The lack of leadership. Both of communities are lacking in strong leaders. In fact,the leaders from old days left the game long time ago. If the community don’t have leaders to plead for the players claims, the game will not evolve. In old days even if there were bad players, that made lots of acts of injustice , the balance was maintained by the  leaders. People needs strong leadership to survive and have a direction. I see none.

7. Both communities have no story to tell…


A new face of 9Dragons?

I stopped to play 9dragons long time ago, yet from time to time I still ‘hear news’… Seems that lately, a new game, ‘Dream Dragons Online‘  using 3D technology is build up from the remains of the old 9dragons. The game is produced by Storm Entertainment and the first news on this game dates since 28.06.2011. The clans, clothes, kung fu moves are build up on the ground of 9dragons as we know it, adding new features like pets, marriage system & so on . Let’s see some videos & screens :

So… there should be some questions  awaiting responses : Has Indy21 sold the game patterns ? Were stolen ? Or is this the new 9d version for 2012 ? Btw… Indy21 internet page no longer exist… redirects to 9D K.

Point and from the start…

I think is no secret anymore … the authors of this blog quited to play the game. Some are busy in real life, some choose to play other games or wait for other to come up, such as Blade&Soul or Age of Wulin.  There are many causes that led to this. The most important thing is the fact that there is no stability and no concern from Indy 21 to ensure a future of this game. We observed a major degradation with the passing years both in game dynamic  and community ( we refer here also to the community members that represented the players in official team ). The game has become limited and boring. There are no new things to attract you to play this game.

Changing the publisher so often and the lack of new content lead to major migrations of players to new games. Many players unfair lost their characters and accounts while others took advantage and got characters that don’t deserve.

Now, the so ‘called comunity’, in major part, is formed by people that ‘pretend’ that have a past, while the true veterans cease to exist. Some players out there still fights for power, money & pvp status, mocking the others and some for a better game… the same old routine. Yet, we want to salute the old guard that still posts guides for players and do creations acts : videos, signatures, novels & fan arts.

At this point in time, we will part and with this ocassion we would like to say thanks to all our friends, enemies and readers.

But … because legends never dies, from the shadows of the past, one master shall remain … LEGEND.

Welcome back LEGEND, the keeper of the blog !

9D Authors.

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Opt-in Page, is NOT live yet

Due to the maintenance, the opt-in page is not live yet. It might come up later today, but chances are that we will announce it to the public tomorrow.

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Official Q&A – Check First! Updated 8/15

Q: How do I transfer my character from GamersFirst?
A: Transferring is very easy, simply opt-in for the transfer on your GamersFirst account through their site and confirm the transfer on the GamesCampus site but clicking the “Transferring from GamersFirst” banner on top of the page. You will be able to use an existing GamesCampus account or a new one.

Q: Why will the servers be unavailable temporary between September 15th and September 20th?
A: During this period of time, Indy21 will be working with us to transfer the database information of all players that decided to opt-in. Indy21 will send multiple staff members to GamesCampus office during this time to ensure a smooth transfer.

Q: What does “Schedule Removal of Duped and Hacked Items Acquired Through Illegal Means” mean?
A: We plan on removing all duplicated and hacked items that players acquired through illegal means, unfortunately this will take longer than 5 days to prepare for. So, we plan on having the removal after the relaunch of the service when it is ready.

Q: How long is GamesCampus US contract with Indy21 for 9Dragons?
A: We have signed a 3-year contract with Indy21 with a very high possibility of contract renewal after. Buckle up, we’re here for the long run.

Q: What is the Tibet update mentioned on the teaser page?
A: With the relaunch of the game on September 20th, we will be updating the game with the second part of the Tibet update.

Q: Will the servers remain the same?
A: We plan on merging the current 2 PvE servers into 1 PvE server and keeping the PvP server as is. In addition, we are discussing the possibility of starting a new server for players who wish to start fresh without the history of the other servers. This new servers will be closely watched and our zero tolerance policy for hacking will be strictly enforced.

Q: What if there are duplicate names for characters and guilds during the server merge?
A: We will publish a naming policy for the merge after finalizing it with Indy21. At the moment, the higher-level player will receive the right to the name and the other will receive a name change.

Q: Will a new client be needed to play 9 Dragons @ GamesCampus?
A: Yes, a new client will be required to play. We are hoping to have the client available a week before the service relaunches.

Q: Will the client have anti-hack with the relaunch?
A: Yes, Indy21 is currently working with INCA to integrate GameGuard to the client and will be ready for September 20th.

Q: Can characters be transferred to the EU service?

A: Unfortunately no, besides the fact that transfers to the EU service will cause imbalance in their service, we have 2 separate databases and contracts.

Q: What happens if I do not opt-in for transfer during August 15th – September 15th?
A: Any user that does not opt-in during this period WILL NOT have their character information transferred over.

Q: Will any countries be blocked from accessing the game?
A: Currently there are no plans to block any country from 9 Dragons. But future blocks are a possibility for countries that undermines our zero tolerance policy for hacking.

9Dragons Team 

Games Campus takes over 9dragons !

With the Re-Launch of 9 Dragons on September 20th, Games Campus is proud to announce the following changes.

  • Return of Storm Vs. Storm
  • Class Balances
  • GameGuard Integration
  • New Update – Tibet
  • Zero Tolerance for Hacking
  • Schedule Removal of Duped and Hacked Items Acquired Through Illegal Means
  • Honoring Transfers From Acclaim
You can start register on new 9d forum :