Patch 158 Notes

Patch No. 158

Christmas Event:
Let it snow!!
Join Us this Christmas: Dec. 22, 2011 ~ Jan. 05, 2012
Christmas Resource Added
Christmas Decoration Added
*Removal of Halloween Resource & Red Ginseng Resource

Random Box (hourly give away)
Mirror of Snow & Statue of the Snow Land (right click to activate)

(New) Western Santa Deco

Snow Kid

** Due to some major issues that needs to be addressed before the content can be release, updates for the following content has been delayed until further notices .**

King Jin’s Dungeon & Black Temple in Tibet:

[New]Weapon Options:
Hermit’s Weapons: 2 ~ 3 options
Black Dragon Weapons: 4 ~ 5 options randomly applied (highest rank).
*dropped weapons from mobs/NPC weapons are not available for weapon options.

There are 5 options such as Very Low, Low, Medium, High, and Very High for weapons (options will be differentiated by type of weapons).

List of weapons that are assorted by doable/non-doable of its weapon type.
*Additional Information will be provided

[New]Item Collection (combine system):
The Purpose of Combining Accessories:
A.] This function allows you to craft newly updated accessories by using materials. This function can be used from Liaodong to Tibet maps.

B.] Flowstone, Golden Thread, and other map/monster dropping items can be combined this way.
There are certain chances of failing while preceding the combination process.

C.] Providing a chance for users to acquire mid-high rank accessories by elaborating their possessing materials.
The high rank accessories will have lesser chance to success.

*Additional Information will be provided

**~ChRiSTMaS EVeNTS~**

Christmas Gift
Duration: Dec. 21. 2011. ~ Jan. 05, 2012
Overview: Random box give away hourly

– Random box will be given every hour after a user logs-in to 9D
– Item list is as follows (ticket for Santa wardrobe- Go to Hefei to meet Santa).

Note- There are 2 different Christmas Costumes To Choose From. Santa is located near the Duel Registration in Heifei

Snow Kid Event!
Duration: Dec. 22. 2011. ~ Jan. 05. 2012.

Details: Spawning Snow Kid monsters in all maps
– Monsters will appear at the place of Golden Chest
(During this event, monsters will be replaced by Golden Chests.)

Snow Kid monster drops a resource item, a Talisman of ‘Snow Kid’
– Gather the resource items and exchange with event epithet. (Go to Hefei to meet Santa NPC)

Epithet: 15 days (Portion will be provided and portion will be available for 7 days.)
<executed snow kid in one blow>
Increasing Physical/Chi-kung damage by 500
Increasing Physical/Chi-kung attack rate by 500
Increasing Critical rate by 1500/10000

[Huge Snow Kid]Hefei
Huge Snow appear in Hefei every 4 hours.
– After destroying, Christmas Buff will be given away.

Warning – Huge Snow Kid will attack you in Heifei….If you are AFK (Away From Keyboard), you may be attacked. As a pre-caution, we recommend that you monitor your character at all times to prevent yourself from being attacked by the massive Snow Men.

Christmas Buff:
All attribute point + 10, Anger growth twice, 180 minutes


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