Vagabond Army Christmas Event 2011: Art Contest (Server Yang)

The Vagabond Army is holding a Christmas Event for the players in server Yang. We want to see the community’s artistic skills. When the event has ended, the members of the Vagabond Army will vote over who completed the quest as best. The winner will receive Blood Essences – Amount depending on the Reward Jackpot.

Due to the small amount of members in the Vagabond Army guild, we can hold this event only for the server Yang. We may hold our events in the future for other servers as well.

The quest is to draw a picture related to 9Dragons. Meaning: Your picture has to be about a situation in The Game. For example, a picture of a fighting situation against mobs, a boss or another person; Or a picture of you and your in-game love; Or a picture of you during a glorious moment. Anything, no matter what, but really related to 9Dragons.

However, you may not use a game screenshot. We do not want to simply see some screenshots with some Photoshop filters. We would like to see art.

Preferably, we would like to see pictures drew by hand and then digitalized with a scanner. However, you may also just use any image editing program like Photoshop and draw the picture just there from scratch.

As an advice: You should probably use something better than Paint.

You may start to draw your picture whenever you like. However, we won’t take any pictures anymore after the 24th december.

The reward for the winner (the best picture will be chosen by voting – voting restricted to Vagabond Army members only) will be Blood Essences. However, the amount depends on the Reward Jackpot, which is the pot for all Blood Essences sponsered by the Vagabond Army members.

The Reward Jackpot will be closed for the Vagabond Army members after the 24th december as well, therefore the amount may still rise.

Current Reward Jackpot: 50 Blood Essences

Join the Event
If you want to participante, then you may upload and post your art picture in one of the following topics:
Vagabond Army Guild Forum
GamesCampus 9Dragons Forum

We’re looking foreward to see some nice and artful pictures. This would also raise the motivation of the Vagabond Army members to put more Blood Essences into the Reward Jackpot 🙂

Good luck to all participants


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