Project AI – Who cares?

Hello there, children!

Apparently, I am back in the Project AI Blog. To those who don’t remember or don’t care, I joined the Project AI Blog in the war against Acclaim, and against what all flamers/haters say, every each author did a very good job.

Now seriously, don’t get me started… It’s not as if we appeared from nowhere and just thought “Acclaim bad, Acclaim has to die“, now was it? No, we were four authors – Sedbona, Vennus9D, Story Teller and my humble self, Legend – who wanted and asked Acclaim many times to stop with their unfair doings, and to come up with a better communication between them and their players. Instead of listening to the words of these customers (we authors were all real money spenders), they took these words as threats, like children and/or unprofessional idiots. Every single one. BluFlash, Historian, Hermit, Fugen. One might have been worse than the other, but they all failed at professionalism – And this is no insult, it is the simple fact. Professional company raters gave Acclaim the worst rate they have, an F (you should know american rates/grades to understand this part), and instead of caring about such rates, they didn’t give a fuck – Like… uhm… unprofessional children? However… To come to the point: Acclaim thought we were pissing them off (althought it was only something called “criticism”) and pissed us “back”, indeed like a little child but certainly not like a professional company. This, however, was not cool for us. Criticism, yes – A whole company being unfair to 4 individuals, only for writing the truth about Acclaim, that’s certainly a no-go. There surely are people who would just bow to Acclaim because “they have the last word“, I’m sure of that. But sometimes it isn’t such a person, but instead somebody who rather just starts to fight when fairness and freedom are gone – Or rather four people. We gave it back, Acclaim gave it back… Acclaim sent out their forum moderators and VGMs after us, and we began to write about worse “secrets” of Acclaim. In 2010, Acclaim had already a few money issues. That’s why they started their shameless Item Mall promotions and began to sell some of the best in-game items (not available in-game, back then). Instead of facing the fact that Acclaim might screw their players over, the most players spent even more money. When Acclaim was aquired by Facebook Game Developer Playdom, Hermit and Fugen (and most probably a few other people as well) felt save and did not have any concerns about their financial state anymore. In other words: They were sure to rule over the Land for many more years. But, and that was the beautiful, ironic thing, Playdom was aquired by Disney, and Disney did not want Acclaim to keep publishing MMO games. At the end, Acclaim had every single game closed and their players informed about the closure or the movement to another publisher – Except for 9Dragons. Only 1 day before Acclaim closed 9Dragons, they informed their 9D players about the closure. Fugen, Hermit and some other people promised and gave their word that Acclaim would transfair the character database to GamersFirst, 9Dragons’ new publisher. But, of course, Acclaim & Co just promised new stuff without to even planning to deliver. What they said was “We give you our word“, what they meant was “Shut the fuck up“. Even at the end, Acclaim and their employees showed that their word is not at all to trust. At the end, we from the Project AI Blog were right (we were also the ones who said to the 9Dragons community that Acclaim would close 9Dragons, before Acclaim did it themselves), Acclaim lost the war, 9Dragons and proved one last time that their credibility is probably the worst you’ll ever see in your life. They lost their face, but they walked away with all the player’s money. This, however, was no punishment for Acclaim, but rather for the ignorant players who indeed believed every word from Acclaim and thought Acclaim would never screw them over. You guys sure deserve it.

Hm… Thinking about old times… Didn’t “The (Dark) Hermit” say that his very own MMORPG Cursed Love would come out at the end of 2010? We got end of 2011 – No Cursed Love website yet (still just a group on Facebook) and it is supposed to come out “in 2011“. Well, personally I know this game won’t come out in 2011 – If it will ever come out. Not that easy to develop a MMO, right, Steven?

Back to topic: I’ve quit the Project AI Blog when I’ve become a forum moderator at GamersFirst. There surely are a lot of people who say all I wanted was to become a moderator… Sadly, many people say many things without any clue. Fact is, I do not like to moderate message boards, but I joined GamersFirst’s volunteer team to help the game. But, sadly, GamersFirst’s interest for this game wasn’t as big as hoped. I complained a few times in the mod forum about the issues there were – In-Game issues, communication with the community, lack of informations and activity of Hyperion and the 9Dragons GMs, etc. But instead of listening (what a surprise with 9Dragons…), Hyperion, GamersFirst’s 9Dragons Community Liaison, even called my complaining “drama“. Well, no wonder 9Dragons moved again to another publisher. Take it or leave it – But don’t take something and expect it to grow by itself.

At the moment, 9Dragons is published by GamesCampus. I am not a 9Dragons forum moderator anymore, and that’s probably better like that. There are a few things I’ve read, from the 9Dragons staff and the volunteers, which I did not like. But to be honest, I don’t give a crap at how they behave to players and customers. They want players to leave 9Dragons to another, more updated game? Let Indy21 do what they did until now (snails would be faster, though). They want the community to start a new war against the volunteers? Just let them take sides and reply to the players/customers with ignorance and/or arrogance as some of them do. Some forum moderators are actually trying to re-implement some stuff Acclaim had (I mean, for real? Why do people think so often that shit smells good? Just come up with new, better ideas, for christ’s sake. Acclaim was very, very unimaginative – It isn’t too hard to come up with something better. I mean, seriously… Another thing: The GMs seem to take advice from players who A) flame/hate the forum all the time and B) do not care one little bit about the game/players but only about their connections. If it keeps going on like this, it will be just a matter of time until there’s a new “group of friends” in the volunteer staff, as there was at Acclaim, who do not get monitored, who might do what they wish and who can decide by themselves who may join the volunteer team and who can not. Go ahead, do as you wish. I certainly know I won’t do all again. Sedbona, Vennus9D and Story Teller do not play 9Dragons anymore, and I won’t fight for the whole community and seek fairness anymore. If this will indeed happen again, do not expect to get my help. If it disturbs you that there’s a “group of friends” in the volunteer team sometime, who says who can join and who not, then you’ll have to fight by your own. I am but a lonely Vagabond, a weak clanless warrior, so this certainly won’t be a big problem for you, will it?

However; We will, probably, write more on the blog about 9Dragons. Events, informations, thoughts etc. I realize that there are people who think that the criticism we wrote on our blog makes them cool, however, we do not plan to write about the things we used to write. Before, we had Acclaim and a war. Today, I do not really care about what the fuck the publisher, the volunteer team or the friends of GMs do. If the situation at 9D gets too much, I’ll just leave and spend my money on another game. Like Age of Wulin or something. In other words: We players do not need you. You publishers need us players. If you do not want my money and make this game that shitty that I (and other players) don’t want to spend our time with this game anymore, then that is your free will and your very own decision. But like a professional publisher, GamesCampus should give a thought about the consequences. Take it or leave it, I do not care.

I feel like I also have to write “No threat intended in this article” or something, just to make it sure that a supposedly professional publisher really stays professional (or at least higher the chance for them to stay so).

If you have an issue with words like “shit”, “fuck” etc, then you shouldn’t read this blog.
If you have an issue with an author, then you shouldn’t read this blog.
If you can’t read, you shouldn’t attempt to read this blog.
These are our advice, however, you’re anytime free to read our blog anyway.

Legend, the Vagabond


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