Point and from the start…

I think is no secret anymore … the authors of this blog quited to play the game. Some are busy in real life, some choose to play other games or wait for other to come up, such as Blade&Soul or Age of Wulin.  There are many causes that led to this. The most important thing is the fact that there is no stability and no concern from Indy 21 to ensure a future of this game. We observed a major degradation with the passing years both in game dynamic  and community ( we refer here also to the community members that represented the players in official team ). The game has become limited and boring. There are no new things to attract you to play this game.

Changing the publisher so often and the lack of new content lead to major migrations of players to new games. Many players unfair lost their characters and accounts while others took advantage and got characters that don’t deserve.

Now, the so ‘called comunity’, in major part, is formed by people that ‘pretend’ that have a past, while the true veterans cease to exist. Some players out there still fights for power, money & pvp status, mocking the others and some for a better game… the same old routine. Yet, we want to salute the old guard that still posts guides for players and do creations acts : videos, signatures, novels & fan arts.

At this point in time, we will part and with this ocassion we would like to say thanks to all our friends, enemies and readers.

But … because legends never dies, from the shadows of the past, one master shall remain … LEGEND.

Welcome back LEGEND, the keeper of the blog !

9D Authors.


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