This is what you get after 4 years of 9d…

If you have not opted for the transfer, then it is too late to transfer as G1 has closed down their transfer section. In order to have of transferred, you needed to opt in on the G1 side so that they can send us the data relating to your character. Players who did not opt in on the transfer will not have their data sent to us and therefore will not be able to transfer. We do not have access to G1’s database in order to retrieve the data needed in order to assist you with the transfer and GamersFirst will not send us all the information relating to their players. Only data regarding those who opted in to transfer will be sent to us. We apologize for the inconvenience this has caused.

-9 Dragons GM

I had enough of this. Players should not suffer because of the accounts transfer. I am quiting, after 4 years ! Bye to all my friends !


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