Introducing the 9Dragons All Star Team!

Hello Dragons,

This post will clear up some information on who is on the 9Dragons staff and what they do here.

My name is IPLAY9DRAGONS and I am one of the Game Masters here. I joined GamesCampus recently and was placed on the 9Dragons project. As for my name, I panicked a bit when told to select a handle, but I’m slowly getting fond of it. This would be my first job in the gaming industry and I am EXCITED! I’ve always been an avid gamer since the NES days and hopped into the MMORPG scene with a Free to Play title early 2000s and always wanted to work with games.

At the moment, I am sure I do not understand 9Dragons as well as a lot of players here, but I am eager to learn. I’m very happy to see the positive community that we will be inheriting from GamersFirst. During my time as a Game Master, I will do my best to ensure opinions and concerns are passed on and feedback is passed back. Look for me in-game.

I also like cookies, but I could care less for pie. :)



Well, it looks like I never “officially” introduced myself. Let’s get started by saying, “Hello, I’m the Game Master for 9 Dragons.” Some of you already knew that though I’m pretty sure :P . I’ve been on quite a few projects here at GamesCampus and have recently just started with 9 Dragons I’m also known as Zed on other titles here at GamesCampus. I’m really excited to be on the 9 Dragons project and look forward to the re-launch. Been playing games since the good o’ NES days and have seen the gaming industry grow so much compared to what it was back then.

Although I’m not quite pro at 9 Dragons as some of you here, I’m eager to learn more about 9 Dragons and would like to get to know the community better. I’m sure I’ll be seeing many of you in-game and look forward to learning from everyone :D

I am into cars…some say toooo much I say not enough :lol: . Hence my name (FC3S)


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