The begging and prays for VGM system are back

The begging and prays for VGM system on GC forum make me sick. “Please GC, bring back the VGMs…” Wow, somebody’s a sore loser. Love, peace and chicken grease… Some players can’t get over the ‘past’, when they had the power to screw up with the rest. Mirror, mirror on the wall, who’s the most powerful player of them all? It’s me, the VGM. GOD, IT’S SO HARD TO BE MODEST!

Well, why do, I, as a mature player got to put up with marginalized kids that plays the role of the powerful ‘kings’, of course in virtual life, with no basic skills and training for community communication. What they can teach me. How they can be useful to me?

In my opinion, if Games Campus is a professional game company, for sure, will not put ‘unknown’ persons to make important things or say important things. Acclaim invented the VGMs for one reason: gain more money with few resources. To don’t pay more GMs, they took free ‘work force’, inventing this system, which was a failure from the start by the end. Who is so naïve to believe that on internet we have many Jesus Christ, to sacrifice for the best of the virtual ‘humans’?

It is funny on GC forum how they serve the ‘the hackers song’. What a VGM can do against a hacker? Has GMs tool? He reports to GM the player that he believes he hacks? We can do that via support. In reality with no VGM system, they lost the privileges: speak with GMs, use bugs reported by players, lost of free items and gear, test the updates, & others more.

After 7-8 pages of crying, here comes the bomb:

At the moment, we will not have a VGM system for 9Dragons as we plan to be in-game as much as we can. It seems that a lot of the pro argument for VGMs are to keep hackers and exploiters at bay, but with the integration of anti-hack and a strict policy this should not be a major issue during service. But, we may be looking for a few moderators for the forums in the near near future.

So my friends, for now fear not. My children, you have been saved.But, the fight for moderators will continue…


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