Official Q&A – Check First! Updated 8/15

Q: How do I transfer my character from GamersFirst?
A: Transferring is very easy, simply opt-in for the transfer on your GamersFirst account through their site and confirm the transfer on the GamesCampus site but clicking the “Transferring from GamersFirst” banner on top of the page. You will be able to use an existing GamesCampus account or a new one.

Q: Why will the servers be unavailable temporary between September 15th and September 20th?
A: During this period of time, Indy21 will be working with us to transfer the database information of all players that decided to opt-in. Indy21 will send multiple staff members to GamesCampus office during this time to ensure a smooth transfer.

Q: What does “Schedule Removal of Duped and Hacked Items Acquired Through Illegal Means” mean?
A: We plan on removing all duplicated and hacked items that players acquired through illegal means, unfortunately this will take longer than 5 days to prepare for. So, we plan on having the removal after the relaunch of the service when it is ready.

Q: How long is GamesCampus US contract with Indy21 for 9Dragons?
A: We have signed a 3-year contract with Indy21 with a very high possibility of contract renewal after. Buckle up, we’re here for the long run.

Q: What is the Tibet update mentioned on the teaser page?
A: With the relaunch of the game on September 20th, we will be updating the game with the second part of the Tibet update.

Q: Will the servers remain the same?
A: We plan on merging the current 2 PvE servers into 1 PvE server and keeping the PvP server as is. In addition, we are discussing the possibility of starting a new server for players who wish to start fresh without the history of the other servers. This new servers will be closely watched and our zero tolerance policy for hacking will be strictly enforced.

Q: What if there are duplicate names for characters and guilds during the server merge?
A: We will publish a naming policy for the merge after finalizing it with Indy21. At the moment, the higher-level player will receive the right to the name and the other will receive a name change.

Q: Will a new client be needed to play 9 Dragons @ GamesCampus?
A: Yes, a new client will be required to play. We are hoping to have the client available a week before the service relaunches.

Q: Will the client have anti-hack with the relaunch?
A: Yes, Indy21 is currently working with INCA to integrate GameGuard to the client and will be ready for September 20th.

Q: Can characters be transferred to the EU service?

A: Unfortunately no, besides the fact that transfers to the EU service will cause imbalance in their service, we have 2 separate databases and contracts.

Q: What happens if I do not opt-in for transfer during August 15th – September 15th?
A: Any user that does not opt-in during this period WILL NOT have their character information transferred over.

Q: Will any countries be blocked from accessing the game?
A: Currently there are no plans to block any country from 9 Dragons. But future blocks are a possibility for countries that undermines our zero tolerance policy for hacking.

9Dragons Team 


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