Game Transfer Questions, Now with 11% more answers!

Hey all,

Please post questions/concerns regarding the transfer of game service here. I will do my best to visit this thread often and answer as many questions as I can.

It would be helpful if the players/mods could copy/paste over some of the previous answers given.



1. Does G1 know who is going to publish the game? Who is the new publisher?
Yes, we know who the next publisher will be. I am waiting on confirmation from my management team to let me know when I can give you that information and direct you there. The new publisher will be revealed most like on 15-August-2011.

2. Is the new publisher experienced? 
Yes, they are experienced and I am pretty confident that they know what they are doing.

3. How will transfers work?
You will be required to give us permission to transfer your data….this will be done on a webpage anyone can get to. On 15-September-2011, we will send the final up-to-date DB to indy and then they will look it over and send it to the new publisher.

4. Will items items in the storage and purchase inventory be included in the DB transfer to Indy?
Yes! Items in storage, bags, and the purchase inventory will transfer over unchanged.

5. Will our characters be exactly the same no loses to xp, c12 moves, or loss of epis?
They should be exactly the same as you leave them on 15-September-2011.

6. Will banned forum accounts be able to view Opt in page and or Opt in? As some can not even view forums via their accounts.
Yes, the forum account being banned will not affect your viewing of the opt in page.

7. Permanently banned accounts will stay banned after transaction (or maybe you will not include them in DB)? 
Yes, banned means you cant even log in to opt in. And even if it is allowed that banned accounts could log in, the ban will transfer over as well and the ban would still apply.

8. Do we have to take screenshots of the items we own?
You do not need screenshots. I would recommend taking them anyway, just in case, but it should not be necessary.

9. What is the estimated game down time?
I do not know, I assume at least a few days. My best estimate would be 5 days – 2 weeks.

10. Will G1C that I brought for 9Dragons remain in my G1 account after 15-September-2011.
The G1C balance will remain on your account, 9D leaving has no “automagical assumption” effect that because the game is going away, the player is too. We assume all players will stay with us and only those requesting balance refunds post 9/15 will want refunds. And G1C should never leave your account unless you spend them (or in extreme cases like this, want a refund). 


1. How do the refunds work?
Send a ticket to support addressing the payment department. This is the process, only a few items are available for refunds…specifically Ghost Bags and 90 Day premiums. Permanent items, consumable items, all other items will stay on your account/character through the transition.

2. Items are refunded to our g1 account, or can we backtrack them to our paypal account?
All refunds will be in G1C only until 9/15/11. After we shut down the servers, you can submit a new ticket for a cash refund on your G1C balance. How that will work I suppose depends on how you paid us in the first place.

Cash Refund: Only possible if you brought G1C with credit card, Moneybookers, Click and Buy, & UltimatePay transactions.

If a payment was made through prepaid cards such as Paysafecard, Wallie-card, Ultimate Game Card or ESN code, we have no way of reversing the transaction. In the circumstances with Paysafecard, Wallie-card, Ultimate Game Card or ESN code we would give equal value in G1C.

3. If an item is used from the 90 day package, can it still be refunded?
Yes, it’ll be refunded on a case by case basis. Premiums will be prorated for time used. 

4. My 90 days premium is activated already? Can you stop it and put it back in my bag?


1. What will happen to the 9Dragons forums at G1?
Forums will stay up until the 15th of September. at which time, we’ll shut them down/have a page up directing players to the new publisher.



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