Video Showcase!, It’s showoff time! (24.06.2011 – end day)

We want to see the community in action! We have some theories about how creative and talented you all are, but haven’t yet done a forum event yet so we are kicking it off with something simple. If you have any other good ideas for forum contests in the future,post here..

For this event, we want to see some awesome videos of 9Dragons in action! Now that the Healers have some shiny new skills, it is the perfect time for you to create a 2minute video of your character’s (any class, Healers are highly encouraged to participate) skills by using your creative ability and knowledge of 9Dragons to win attractive prizes for various categories.

Winners will be chosen from each category (Mentioned below) also, we will choose top 3 of the best videos from all the categories and they will be given a Special Prize(s) (listed below)!

1) Best Healer skills:
2) Best Warrior skills:
3) Best Hybrid skills:
4) Best Nuker skills:
5) Best Editing:
6) Best Music:
7) Best Funniest Video:
8) Other Random Categories that might come up after the last day for video submission

Max movie length 
2 Minutes
Last Day for video submission
June 24th 2011
Winners Announced
June 30th 2011

1st Place in each category (Mentioned above) wins: 30day Premium + Swimsuit Deco (30days) + 5 Qulin Mirror + Forum Title (According to winning Category)
2nd Place in each category (Mentioned above) wins: 30day Premium + Swimsuit Deco (30days)
3rd Place in each category (Mentioned above) wins: Swimsuit Deco (30days)
Note: There COULD be other additional prizes given out based on the content of the video.

Rules and Guidelines:
1) The video MUST be 2 minutes in length or less.
2) Most, if not all, of the video should be in-game footage. We don’t want to stifle any creative ideas you have, but the focus here is on in-game footage.
3) Mention the category you want to take part in.
4) This topic is not for discussion; only for link(s) to your videos, a brief description if you want, and the category you are competing for can be posted
5) Posting anything else other than video links will lead to a mute along with post deletion.
6) Please upload your videos on “Youtube” and link us to them in your post.
7) DO NOT use Copyrighted material as your video maybe removed from Youtube. This includes most songs.
8) Please go here for discussion regarding this event.

Example post: 
Category: Best Editing, Best Healer Video
Role: Healer

Here is my cool video!, It show’s me pwn’ing nubs in the face. biggrin.gif

This topic will be opened on Saturday(June 4th 2011)! (Trixter)


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