Weekend Events!, 10th – 12th June 2011

Hide ‘N’ Seek event!

The GM will send notices when he arrives on the server, mentioning which map he will be hiding in. As time progresses he will provide clues to where he is hiding. The first player to find and initiate trade with the GM will be handsomely rewarded.

The winner of the Hide’N’Seek event can choose any “one” of the following rewards (Only 1 winner per map):

1) Shen Mo Epithet

2) Rising Dragons Deco – 30 Days

3) Phoenix Banner – 7 Days

In order to provide a fair chance to everyone, an account is entitled to win a reward only once during the weekend.

50% Sale!
Selected items (mentioned below) from the Item Mall will be on 50% discount.
 Couriers’ Guild Transport Passes
 Summoning Balls
 Attribute Pills
 Bag of Ghost Spirit M/F
 Eternity Deco’s
 Huatuo’s Panacea
 Miracle Speed Tonic
 Miracle Dodge Tonic

Double Exp event!

Along with the 50% discount on the selected Items and the awesome Hide’N’Seek event rewards, the experience rate on all the servers will be doubled (2x Exp and skill rate boost)!

Video Showcase!

Do note that the Video Showcase event is still on! There have been interesting videos so far and we look forward for more submissions! Click Here to check out the event!!

Hope you have great weekend in the land!

Team 9Dragons.

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