Remembrance Day Weekend, Weekend event 5/27 – 5/30

Given that this weekend is a popular holiday in the US, we wanted to bring the holiday spirit to all Dragons throughout The Land! We wanted to give all Dragons the opportunity to benefit from some of your favorite events of the past. IM Sale? Check. Server Buff? Check. Double XP? Check. This weekend, enjoy double the exp for each skill you use and each mob you slay along with the server buff to help you, The Warrior’s of the Land. Hold on, it’s not done yet. Through this weekend ALL Item Mall prices will be dropped by a whopping50%. Experience and skill rate boost – Double exp boost accompanied by double skill exp boost throughout the weekend. Server wide buffs – There server will be buffed twice per day with the Carnival of Souls Buff at the below during the weekend:

Time in PDT Phoenix:7.00 AM and 7.00 PM (PDT) Nirvana:7.00 AM and 7.00 PM (PDT) Yin: 8.00 AM and 8.00 PM (PDT) Time in GMT Phoenix: 2.00 PM and 2.00 AM (GMT) Nirvana: 2.00 PM and 2.00 AM (GMT) Yin: 3.00 PM and 3.00 AM (GMT)

Get Buffed!

Marketplace/Item Mall discount – All item prices in the Item Mall will be dropped by a whopping 50% throughout the weekend! Let the grind fest begin! UPDATE: – 05/26/11 – 4PM PDT Sale is now LIVE! Everything is 50% off. The premium template/template packages have been taken out as they are not injecting correctly and need some attention from the developers. (Trixter)

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