Got Milk? Or Perhaps an Event?, Your Ideas are Important

Since the weekend events are planned for the community to enjoy. We at GamersFirst, would like to hear you guys out! 

If you would like to suggest an event (forum/in-game), please use this section for suggesting both player created events and the event where you would require a GM.

For posting event suggestion on the forums, please using the following format:

Topic Title: Event name (Anything you like)

Body of the topic –

Name of the event: Event name.
Brief description of the event: An descriptive overview to cover the whole event.

Steps to conduct the event: Procedure to conduct the event. This information will be useful to us to see if the suggested event is do-able.

Pro’s and con’s of the event: Jot down the pro’s and con’s of the event as we could work on it.

Rewards: What rewards would you propose for the event winners. (PHILOSOPHER)


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