Version 129 Patch Notes, Updated Skills for Healers and more!

Greetings Dragons!

We are pleased to announce the patch to version 129 will be going live tonight at 8:30pm (PST)/ 3:30am (GMT), the server downtime should be between 1-2 hours.

This patch contains the updated skills for healers, these “Formation” skills are particularly useful in groups, so be sure to party up with your friends and Hero Band to maximize their effect.

Also in this patch are some minor random content updates, bug fixes, and secret back-end changes that won’t affect normal gameplay…abnormal gameplay is another story though wink.gif .

Due to the massiveness of the testing of these new skills, we could not test them fully before launching this patch (unless you want to wait a few months to release the patch), however the version has passed all major functionality checks. Healers, if you encounter a bug, please let us know by submitting a ticket or posting it in the bug report forum.

Here is a full list of the changes. I will leave this post closed for now and it will be opened when the servers go down for discussion, feel free to discuss these changes in separate topics until the servers go down.


· New skill bar which can be enabled from the Options menu. [Currently there is an issue where the option label does not show up in the menu but there is a check box in the Game Setting option under Refuse duels]

· New skills for Healers of all Clans along with respective Mastery Skills.

· New button in the Inventory to Sort the items in the following order Weapons -> Clothes –> Potions –> Elixir –> Resource –> Quest –> Accessory –> Socket –> Box-Key with the stronger weapons getting higher priority in the sort order.

· Updates to PvP Event: Conqueror’s Brazier will appear after General Wei has died.

· The players who don’t join the battle in bloody plain cannot enter General Wei’s cave.

· New quests are available for Healers above level 60.

Note to Strategist (Healers): At level 60, you can receive a mastery pill after finishing new Quests. Imperial (White) clans can receive ‘Fate of Zhuge’ quest in Jinan, Infernal’s (Black) clans can receive ‘Fate of Sima’ in Datong.

Other players can do the quest, but only strategies are enabled to do final step of the quest and receive the reward.

Bug Fixes:

· Event Message poping up with no event – Fixed

· Resource window bug –fixed

· Multiple text glitches throughout The Land are fixed

· Added scrollbar in the purchase inventory for the power spenders ❤

· Random crash fixed

· FPS in Hefei improved

· Quest “RTE – Provisions equal prevention” – removed temporarily to investigate the bug that caused it to remain unfinished. This quest should be abandoned if you are in progress on it.

· Updates to Launcher – Launcher version number is replaced with the client version number

· Updates to new skill bar (bug found during internal QA)

Known Issues with this patch 

· Text missing in the Item descriptions for many skills and mastery skills.

· Missing label for the extra skill bar in the options menu

· Possible bugs with the new skills

· Report bugs here:

Full List of Skill Updates:

Sorry for any formatting/grammar issues, this is a big list and I didn’t have time to spell/grammar check it well. I felt it was best to give you as much info as possible, especially since you are honorary QA for this:

Crossing fingers, I hope the format doesnt get messed up…Attempt 2! Lawls…fail. Attempt 3 Incoming! I am posting them all as pictures, my brilliance knows no bounds. *HYPERION*

You can see the table with clans and mastery  in here


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