Experience Bonus Cards, KGs, etc, Friendly announcement (update)

Dear Dragons,

A short announcement and a kind reminder – Any player found trading (buying or selling) Item Mall or Marketplace items will be BANNED permanently computersmash.gif

Please report such players to the Support if you find any.

Best Regards,
9Dragons Team

Update –

After much consideration, with your feedback, we will hold off on banning accounts for trading in this manner. However, we will still monitor these transactions and if there is ANYTHING suspicious, we will research further and take action on a case by case basis.

We inherently believe that under no circumstances should IM items be able to be traded by players in the game. This is because of the widespread fraud it causes, there is no getting around that. We will come up with an alternative way to block these transactions from taking place. The community should not be punished because they are using a game feature in the way it was intended, even if that feature was not fully thought out.

Thank you all for your feedback, when and if something changes regarding IM items, we will give you as much advanced notice as possible.



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