Instant Easter Event

Yestarday was Easter day so when comes to Easter, we think about miracles. Yestarday a player call “-ZeuS-” quited the game and gave me 80 milions, even I did not need the money. Spontaneously, I thought to become the “Easter Bunny” and donate the money to people that need it. At first, I wandered the maps and gave to low levels a part of the money. Than I roared that who will find me will get 1mil/10 mil.I puted a mask on and hide in Bamboo map and Hefei map. In Bamboo map I gave 1 mil for each low player and 2 prizes of 10 mil each went to evil_taui and [Hyb][Ro] in Hefei map.

I hope in the future I will see more people doing this. For high levels is a small amount of money, but for low levels are big money. Where is pleased to receive if you don’t know the pleasure to give ?


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