Weekend Event, Double XP/Skill for the Weekend – Has already begun

Hey all,

Ugh, what a week. I cannot apologize enough for the instability we have been seeing since Wednesday. The only good news about it is that the issues are on the GamersFirst side of things and Development and IT teams are working on them now. We hope to have the forums, marketplace, logins, and website all fixed up today.

The templates have all been distributed at this point. We are aware that some of the characters are bugged and need to be manually fixed by a GM. These are the characters we received from Indy21, so the bugged characters are because they came to us bugged. Now that we have our tools back, we are able to fix them for the most part, so just submit a ticket if you have ANY issue with your template character and the support team will fix the character. As a result of this, the GMs will be working this weekend to hammer out the tickets, as well as do the usual patrols for hackers/spammers/etc. I had hoped to start up the GM events this weekend, but it seems like a more prudent course of action to have them work on tickets and cheaters as opposed to running events, at least for this weekend.

So, I have put up a double XP/Skill event to go from now to TUESDAY (an extra day because of server instability). We will try for GM events, that come with XP boosts, next weekend if all goes well. Forum instabillity seems to be still around, so I hope this actually gets posted.



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