Template incident (ouch)

As title says, I really cant believe how You, G1 can screw every simple thing You touch?I have wrote PM to Trixter, I have wrote on forum, I have wrote support ticket with one simple request:DONT OVERWRITE MY CHARACTER, PLS. Because I was working on him last months.What else should I do?

And quest what? Ofc they did this and ofc screwed it like always.

Now I have a toon with crap items, withouth epithets and without skills.

And to all G1 staff, why You think, that forum is only one place where You can communicate with us. It is hard to PM every one account about the template injection date? Hard to send e-mail, hard to wrote notification on servers, roar from time to time, wrote something in this stupid gift box? But not, better is to update own post with one sentence. It is really amazing

And last but not least:

Just think a little about it: Players are not logging to 9D every day, even every weekend.

So because I lost a lots of items (f.e 600 def set) and cash, because I have got bugged char, You G1 have got -1 customer.

Hyp answer :
QUOTE (Hyperion @ Apr 14 2011, 08:19)
Clearly, you are an emotional being and feel that you have been mistreated in some way. I will attempt to make you feel better, and then close this post.Why would we overwrite a character? Because you requested a template, and in order to give you that template, we HAVE to overwrite and existing character. You provided us the exact name of the character to be overwritten. It is not our fault that you ignored our suggestion to make and log into a new “placeholder” character and give us that name for overwriting.If you gave us the name of a character you were working on, and not a placeholder character we suggested, that is your fault, not ours. Submit a ticket, with the name of the character you want us to overwrite, and we will overwrite that character with the new template.Your the one that screwed up, not us, we operate on the information we have been given. We unfortunately have been banned by the Supreme Council of Psychics with the Game Industry from using our Psychic Powers to figure out what players ACTUALLY want as opposed to what they say they want. It would not be fair to our competitors.

We communicate in many ways: Forums, direct mail, e-mail, PM’s, tickets, Facebook Twitter just to name the ones I use. The reality is that the Forums are the best method of communication and so while we use lots of other communication tools, the forums are where we do the most direct communication with the players.


Conclusion : who is wrong, who is right I let you decide ! As for the rest, be with your eyes open when you expect results after you made a claim !


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