Patching to 128 Tonight, 8:30pm PST/3:30am GMT & servers issues

Hello Dragons,

Tonight we will be patching up to version 128. Version 128 is a very small patch mainly for server updates on our end, however we did get the Christmas Deco fix in there. So those of you that have the santa costume that was suddenly changed to a different deco after the 127 patch will have your deco restored back to its Christmas greatness.

The Skills for Strategist will be coming in the next version 129, we are already working on this version so the QA process has become a lot more fluid as of late.

The Templates list for the second round have been steadily worked on this week, and the team is way ahead of schedule. It is possible it will be finished by tomorrow! That is, of course, not counting the templates that get bugged when the player provides us incorrect information (such as what character to overwrite), although, in fairness, we did encounter some errors that were our fault as well and we could not have known that overwriting male characters with female templates (or vice versa) would cause a bugged character.

Otherwise, I have been working on a lot of promo code promotions today and this week. Some of them have been specific for players in certain categories (such as people that claimed a character for restoration but it did not meet the level requirements, or something like players that have not logged in 90+ days) and we have another universal code coming to you all shortly, hopefully for the weekend smile.gif.

Thanks all!

The G1 forums went down as well as most of the site for maintenance from around 8:30pm to 11:15pm. The patch for 9D is being uploaded as I write this. It should only be another 30 minutes to an hour.. *Hyperion

Hey guys,

The servers will be down a little longer due to some unexpected network issues that need to be fixed. I have no ETA at the moment, but I’ll post any updates I receive here. Sorry! * Vagabond


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