What some players can do for an account…

I don’t have many words to describe what I will show you, because the ‘screens’ speak for themselves (comments on) :


25 responses to “What some players can do for an account…

  1. by what i understood the whole point was that bluejay scammed some girl to give him her accounts by telling her he loved her ?
    lol.. people should stop dating in-game its so … “virgin-styleish”
    it’s mostly her fault

  2. I hate players that only knows how to steal from others . I think is about education, how you grow up, what you learn.You will not go far with things like this.

  3. Comments are back oNNNNNNNNNNNNN! Awesome.
    Great to see all back in here.Blu Jay is a nasty kid with no personality. i hope he or she will give back the account. it is a shame.

  4. So, as some people didnt understand.
    In short story is like this: BJ now plays another person, not real owner, at first owner of acc did share it with her, lets call her “Miss”, yes its a girl, age 21 or 22, forgot.
    First was shared acc, later, Miss obviously got greed, or for some other unknown reason, and made random lies to personaly Hurt true owner of BJ, in order to make her leave 9d to obtain full control of BJs acc. Simple. I wouldnt say she Stole that acc as it was shared by owner, but it’s fraud for sure.

  5. She is the desperate that roars in game :
    “SR got GMs support, that is why SR don’t get banned but they can ban others.” Foolish and stupid. The ‘others’ got banned because why they did , has nothing to do with SR.I reported lots of players to be banned, even I am not SR and they were banned. In fact she is the bad element.

  6. The lie has short life, the truth will always prevail. What did she obtain with this show off? I bet she was reported to GMs and will be banned for this.

  7. Her big stake is Storm Riders hero league for sure. She tells lies in order to cover her true ugly truth. She’d better stop at this point and get over it.

  8. I must say ty to Vaga for send me linck about this. Is nice to know i left game, still some kids call me whore despite i dont play 🙂
    I believe all this chat been provoqued or in any case is not your bussines. Who is clean and fair trow first stone. You got no idea about Lia. In any case this account is back to it´s legal owner. Just to defend Lia, i must tell what i was told, in order to defend myself and her and this is: She worked for those items, she lended one and gaved others away, truth is she lended one and they refused to give it back. Opinions on a side, truth is she was provoqued to be like this, because someone stole her. Bye

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