W33k3nd 3v3nt., 1st 4pr – 4th 4pr – Tr1pl3 3xp.

Crazy text.
H3ll0 Dr4g0ns,

H0p3 y0|_| 4ll 3nj0y y0|_|r w33k3nd w1th th3 tr1pl3 3xp 3v3nt wh1ch h4s 4lr34dy st4rt3d. Th3 3xp r4t3 w1ll b3 s3t b4ck t0 n0rm4l 0n 4th 4pr.

H4v3 4 gr34t w33k3nd!

9Dr4g0ns T34m.
Normal Text.
Hello Dragons,

Hope you all enjoy your weekend with the triple exp event which has already started. The exp rate will be set back to normal on 4th Apr.

Have a great weekend.

9Dragons Team. (TRIXTER)


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