Patching to 127 Tonight @ 8:30pm (PST), 3:30am (GMT)

Hey Dragons,

We will be patching tonight at 8:30 pm up to version 127. The servers will come down for maintenance at this time and will remain down until the process is completed, we expect this to take 1-2 hours.

Here are the patch notes:

Changes in the current patch include

  • 90 days Premium’s effect changed. Originally it was a little bit higher than the others(7 days and 30 days), but it was set to the same with 30 days and 7 days.
    Bonus attribute Hermit’s Cavity Press increased from 20 to 25.
    Critical damage bonus increased from 3% to 5% ,
    Damage increased from 5% to 10%
    Chi kung defense bonus increased from 5% to 10%
  • Hefei’s event decorations are removed
  • All the Christmas event quests are removed
  • bug fixes, listed here:
    • Stand Crash – Fixed
    • The Item Mall/Gamersfirst Marketplace remains on top of all other windows when in windowed mode. When another window is bought on top of the IM it still remains on top covering the application which comes in front of it. – Fixed
    • Refuse Trade in Options will now work correctly
    • text on premium items rewritten – No more 9D Primium Package(7 days)
    • item names and descriptions in the purchase inventory now match the name in the Bag
    • Special characters in some item names removed
    • 90 day premium item icon changed
    • Abandoning a quest will not break the game in Bamboo Village
    • added text for Wisdom Flower and Gak Lian NPC’s
    • Several text bugs in Bamboo – fixed

    Most important to note is that the Christmas Event will END when this patch is applied. So finish up any santa quests NOW.

    I will open up the thread for discussion when Maintenance has begun. Also, we kept the XP double for today until the game goes down for maintenance. ❤

    Thanks all. (Hyperion)



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