Patch 127 Incomming, Trying out new patch times

(HYPERION) Hey all,

Tomorrow we are planning to patch the game up to 127 (Patch notes to come tomorrow for specifics).This is a bug fix patch (so no new content), and it will remove the Christmas event (because its march). So be sure to get all of Santa’s Chores done and turned in as soon as possible, because Christmas 2 is almost over!

The patch times will be different starting with 127, we will begin patching later in the evening around 8-9 PM (PST)/ 3-4AM (GMT). This is because there are fewer players on at this time, and we will be able to work with Indy21 more directly if bad things happen. I’m not 100% sure on the time at the moment, I am waiting for my IT team to get back to me on the times…we could very possibly move the times back even further into the night as well. Ill let you know tomorrow.

Also, because this will surely come up, we should be getting our tools back any day now. Once we do, we will start on the template distribution. I will post an update specifically on this, when we are ready to go with the tools again.

Thanks all.

UPDATE: 3/24/11

Ok, so bad news/good news.

The Bad News is that we need to postpone the patch until next week. Resources on our end are overwhelmed with work this week because of our other titles and some new IPs we may be getting soon (OMG!). We have some loose ends to tie up that will require several team members to get together and share some information that no one has time for this week.

The Good News is that we will start the XP event early (today, ill send out the request now) and it will go through Monday. So an extra day of double XP as we are not patching today.

Double XP for the weekend (not triple) because we wanted to patch first before we do a triple xp weekend event. So maybe we’ll do the Triple XP event next weekend.

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