Safe zone pkers in ‘forefront’ again

1. Old Problem

2. No solution !

Well last night I was informed that some of my bandmates were being pk’d in the white clan SZ so i went to check it out.

There was a fem masked WT player pking everyone in sight in the SZ. Using speed hack. Everyone knew who this player was , so obviously I wont use ” Her ” name. She is known for this poor gameplay and lack of regard for her fellow game players.

Tried to get a ss but could not get name of char, so there goes reporting. She was killing high DB chars with premium gear and weps as well.

Its very poor game play when you go to BP to do a RTD quest and get pk’d as soon as you enter the SZ.
These people have no sense of fair play and when you infringe on the enjoyment of the game of others in the community, with blatent disregard for the rules , well you are just plain rude.

These people dont need the karma, so the only reason for this poor behavior is plain and simple.

The game is in a sad state when low level characters cant complete simple quests, due to the poor actions of these morons.

I have no solution other than G-1 and Indy stepping in. What about actually having VGM’s.

You keep asking, whats the purpose of the VGM program. Well this is one example where VGM’s could curtail this behavior.

Its time for a permanent solution here.

DB-7 WT Healer
LM Apocolytic HL


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