Blood – Antisocial Behaviour


Card Case : Blood (wu tang)

Status : kicked out from Storm _Riders (hero league) for violence in languange, childish behavior and mismatch with hero legaue rules.

Actions : manipulation, defamation, creation of others characters  (personalities) to justify his actions to put the wrong doings such as scamming, hacking, cheating on SR hero leagues members.

Means of action : new characters creation that are doing the wrongs in the ‘name of SR hero league’ / lion roars/ G1 forum posts/ Pm/s and so on.

Motivation : revenge.

How will end the story ? : IP ban I guess.

I’ll try to explain below the psychology of these individuals. It is interesting. If you know them, you know what to expect and what you can do. Human personality is like a “psycho-social construction” in other words, her “essence” can be identified in the interaction process, when the social process between individuals is born.Antisocial ‘behavior is a , non-compliance of certain social rules and laws imposed bysociety. These rules and laws cover a wide range, from the rules of proper educationgiven in the family, moral rules, usually human, to the laws of the State.

The authtors at have  wrote an article talking about why people are such jerks in video games. Let’s see what are they saying :

When you allow people to be a) anonymous, b) part of a group, and c) not responsible for their actions, then you get more antisocial behavior. As the guys at Penny Arcade accurately (if vulgarly) put it:

Normal Person + Anonymity + Audience = Total Fuckwad.

How can players and game designers counter this?

The other thing that comes to mind is that we aren’t really anonymous in MMOs , except by making new characters/avatars. There are those players who become notorious on a server for their ‘doings’, and they eventually become shunned.I’ve seen players in 9dragons game and forum become increasingly isolated socially because of their behavior. I know one guy that created alts to try to get into people’s guilds, because his main had such a bad reputation. Yet :

Disinhibited Behavior In Online Settings May Result From Deindividuation
Michinov, Michinov and Toczek-Capelle (2004) found evidence of deindividuation occurring amongst pre-pubescent learners placed in an online group learning situation. The ability to be anonymous when interacting in online environments may result in increased disinhibited behaviour as a result of the process of deindividuation.

Chiou (2006) surveying Taiwanese teenagers found that as anonymity increased, preparedness to disclose details of sexual experiences increased; Chiou surmised that the process of deindividuation may have played a role in the disclosure.

Deindividuation is a process by which an individual is no longer seen in their own right but rather as a member of a group. The process of deindividuation may cause individuals to behave in anti-normative ways due to a combination of immersion in the group, anonymity and diffusion of responsibility. Zimbardo’s famous Stanford Prison Experiment is an example of the deindividuation process.

So ,as one of the internet Avatars said it :

It’s best to have had a solid foundation of good social skills before going online, it makes it better for yourself, and for everyone else around you on the web.



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