emynem, a victim of templates system

Those who play this game from 2007, on the European server, definitely remember the HD warrior call, emynem. More than other players that pretend to be major veterans, for sure he is one. A few days ago, he told me that he didn’t get his characters back yet and is very upset and frustrated . He tried everything , including speaking with moderators, sending mails to support, pm’s to Hyperion, but no answer came. His characters on Bardo were :

-emynem, PS7 HD Warrior

– H[ ]Ichigo – CS1 HD Nuker

– YouAndMe – FC1 BOT Healer

Right now, he still plays on Phoenix, with a CS1 warrior HD, account that was hacked,but this is another story. The essence of his story is the fact that he thinks that his templates characters were taken by another player and now he sits and waits in the dark with no hope to get his hard work back. From Bardo, black side, he is one of the few players that helped a lot the newbies and others players with epithets, griding, items, quests, questions and so on.

Few knows about his personal life issues, but since 2007 he invested his few money in this game, even he was unemployed. A great part of “a real day”, he spent in 9dragons (virtual life), griding, helping, chatting or flirting with his virtual girlfriend. It is also true that a lot of people took advantage of this situation and used him many times. He knows that he missed a lot of real life, but he was happy with what he had.

Now, he lives quite a bitter drama. He lost everything he had and above all, his new account was hacked ( ya, he trusted the wrong person ). His drama is amplified by the fact he has no answers from G1 team about what is going on with his templates  characters.

Like him, I bet there are others, yet he is one of the few, who realized that a line must be drawn between real life and virtual life. Because his real life became virtual life and his characters became him, his feeling toward this issue were even deeper. He said to me that if he gets his characters back, he will stop spending so much time in game and will be more active in real life, because now he understand that this virtual life is just and illusion and all can disappear like dust and you woke up with your time and money spend on ‘nothing’.

In the end, I hope G1 will try to review his case and help him [- pm on emynem0 (zero) for forum id- ].


PS : Happy Women Day for International Women’s Day


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