Goodbye Once Again 9D

Orisi, the LM of SR :

As some of you already know, I am once again leaving 9Dragons, probably for good this time. As an experienced online gamer I’d like to spend some time explaining my reasons for leaving.

When I first returned to 9D we were given soo many promises from GamersFirst, but so far they have failed to live up to any of these promises and have brought the game to knees in record time. They promised us the heavens and have so far failed to produse a single drop of rain.

The single biggest issue on 9D at the moment is the Anti Hack issue. G1 removed GameGuard, the only thing holding back the wave of hacking idiots and gave them free reign. After 3 weeks of no anti hack, they tell us they are installing a brand new anti hack to replace Game Guard, they refused to give us any info on the new program stating it was to prevent the hackers from finding a workaround, when in actual fact, nothing has changed and the game is now full of cheaters. Two things have happened, they have either installed a faulty anti hack that does not work or we have been lied to by another american hosting company and there is anti hack running at all.

The VN version of 9D was closed due to the sheer amount of hackers destroying the game, so what do G1 do, they accept them with open arms to come and destroy our version in the same way. Blocking the IP of the country whose game was closed down due to intensive cheating would have been a good start, but nothing was done here either. There are still VN players in Hefei with stands holding 100’s of duplicated items, probably connected to the gold/weap selling websites.

There seems to be no way for us to successfully report these cheaters. G1 do not accept screenshots, which I can understand, but they also dismiss video evidence, which is just plain stupid. Thanks to a post from one of the 9D mods, everyone now knows that the only way anyone will get banned is when a GM enters the server and actually sees the cheats being used in person, when was the last time you ever saw a GM ingame on this version? The Blood Plains are a total joke now, 75% of players doing PvP are using speedhack and casting speed hack, many players have now resorted to hacking purely because its impossible to combat the huge amount of other players using these cheats.

Patching and communications is also at an all time low. The GMs dont seem to know how a forum works correctly, many of the subsections have remained empty, with the General Discussion section being flooded with meaningless posts, causing players to have to search many posts to find any info from the GM team, why have an Announcements section when its never been used, the Events, News and Latest Updates are never used and have remianed empty from day one. The ticket system with G1 is a farce, I have had a ticket which is unresloved for months, due to an early IM bug an item was sent to a different server and is still yet to be transferred to my correct server, and its been almost 6 weeks since I replied to the GM regarding my template info and I’ve still yet to get a reply.

It appears that G1 are understaffed, like Acclaim they are trying to host far too many games with a skeleton crew of staff. I was recently told that G1 are not making as much money through the IM as they hoped they would, but the reason for this is very clear. They have overpriced many of the IM items and they allow these goldsellers and websites to openly promote themselfs ingame, undercutting G1 prices massively. Why have they not removed or IP blocked a single one of these spammers?

The German version of 9D recently started and is gaining members fast, many G1 players are leaving this hacker fest to try again on a new version. They even already have the new low level map installed and running with no problems, yet again our version is still waiting for the G1 team to finish testing it with their QA team of 1 or 2 ppl sat at a single PC.

So what does the future hold for our beloved 9D, im afraid its a very bleak future. Will we ever have a working anti hack? If we do get one, what happens to these idiots who are using hacks now, will they get banned or even punished? Many of these players have hacked their level, their wepaons, even their stats and will most likely go unpunished.

For me the end has come, and with the release of many new upcoming games such as RIFT, Age of Wulin, TERA and Guild Wars 2 I can see the end for 9D fast approaching. G1 have continued to show that they really dont have the experience or competence to run a game like 9D so I bid you all farewell and hope we meet again on better games in the near future.

PS :I will allow comments on later, due some technical problems.


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