The witch hunt has begun

Lately, G1 begins to do its job  to hunt down hackers, safe zone pkers, goldfarmers buyers and bug abusers. The show started and I can notice a change in attitude for some players and forum users. I laugh out loud !

UNBAN OUR ACCOUNTS WE’RE PAYING CUSTOMERS (let me guess… buy from gold sellers? )

The lifting of bans overdue ( let me guess… you did something bad but you are innocent !!!)

Hyperion i hope you read this. Many of us have had set bans over a period of days. That date has now past. I understand many have been unbanned, but a selected few have not. Is there a reason behind this?.

support pinoy 10th! (let me guess, if G1 bans you for hacking, they are racist! nice try!)

Why am I accused of level hack for being on the top ranking? ( let me guess, because you have no justification how you reach DB in less than 30 days?)

Quick LOL., 😉 ( let me guess… it is funny! )

I just thought I would be the first to start the official LOL thread, about the hackers wanting their accounts unbanned; I’m loving their posts XD

HARIKIMARU posted on 9dragons forum this lovely screen :

The funny part is hypocrisy. Many of the players that posted on those topics either used bugs, hacked, bought from gold sellers or created material loss for G1 and now they are ‘ Snow White’… Pure and innocent.

So, how we do it to cut the hypocrisy? Ban in game should = mute on forum ? As Sedbona said on one of her posts this thing is like a big octopus. The hacks, cheats, bugs and links to gold farmers pages spread like crazy among hero bands and hero leagues. I like the fact that the guys from G1 are fighting ‘multi-headed monster’ at once, which will bring more trust from ‘real’ players.

As for CYANIDE72, cut the crap !


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