Change of Heart

This is one of my story and will show you why we have to keep our avatars name clean and if we are leaders as band masters or  league masters, our hero league reputation. No matter what is going on with the game environment, we have to keep going on to help players, having a virtual experience that we can be proud of ( that is not associated with hackers and bug abusers or goldfarmers ). When you do good, good is returned to you.

Few of you knows that I log almost daily in BP and I report pk-ers of safe zone because I believe this deed is beneath the dignity of a player and 9D players, generally. I know it is a trend and some of you still do it. One  player tried to fight it and debate it with me all over again ( even reported me that I write about him ), but after a long way of discussions and arguments over it, a messages came to me :


This player don’t want to be remember as a ‘ safe zone pk-er’, a big joke and a lame player. So, I say, it is important ‘how’ the generations of players remembers you.  All of this is up to you and your actions. For each ‘act’, you get the responsibility ‘factor’ as your consciousness. A commitment often involves  a mind attentive aware of what is happening around. Even little things must be made consciously, not mechanically. It is an opportunity to see our limits, reactions in certain situations and after all, all of this contribute to our image in the society in which we live.

To change a heart is a great power. In a game, not all it is about the highest level on server, having all the top items and conquered all titles, but also it is about the power to ‘change players hearts’ by your actions. I believe in life and game this is the greatest power of all.


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