Illegal Octopus Stretches

Since I started to publish about the connection between some players and gold-farmers, starting with KillerK aka Cyanide72 from Yin server players try to gather as much information about everyone involved.

It’s a real octopus, with several heads and arms. Starting with the list publish in my article ” Cyanide72 aka KillerK and his fans” one reader tried to find something about the names listed. Somehow all are connected to 9dragons players. I will show you his research ( I am keeping his avatar name secret – if he wants he can pm to publish it) :

Facebook (Paul)

And who plays on Victor?

There are connections that last for years. Who is involved and who is not? What’s true and what is not? Who is who ? Who buys from gold-sellers ? Who supports them ? Many of the avatars names that now are ‘posting’  on 9dragons forum like ‘anti-hacking’ or ‘anti-gold-farmers’ have a strong connection with those who ‘defile’ in front. In reality, they buy from them or promote them. And when you think that so many of them were in the ‘official Acclaim system’ as VGMs or some as moderators. It is a good thing that G1 stopped the VGM project, or more harm would have been added in the game. This is a complicated case with many links and those who know something I will ask them to address to G1 official team. We here will try to help as we can giving further what information we received.


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