Shannyy confession about how he hacked for TGW epithet

Today another ‘muppet’ made a post on 9dragons forum about the fact that we wrote ‘non-truths’  about ‘X hacker’ and it is a conflict of interests if a 9d moderator would be one of the authors of the blog that do so. Just some ‘cheap’ words… The post had another ‘bet’. Well, it was closely related to the fact that a ‘certain’ band master’ posting as 9dragons veteran used hacks to get TGW epithet.  Before we go further, I will have to say that I loved Pelos reply at the end of the topic :

What mods do in their own time is their own business. Even if Legend were still an admin of that site that would be his perogative.

As for the accusations here, they are not allowed at the request of the 9D staff. I wish they were as there are many “veterans” that need to be exposed for their hypocrisy. I look forward to many of them being ex-veterans when the tools are brought back on linesmile.gif

/topic closed

On 9dragons forum he ‘posts’ like the true ‘prince of the story’ coming on the ‘white horse’ to ‘save the princesses avatars from ignorance’, but from time to time posts as princess too (I know it is kinda gay, but that it – who is the best pvp-er as female ? Ofc Shanny is…). Seriously at every ‘best’ topic on forum he is there to remember us that he is the ‘best’ of the best.He has so many achievements and knows so much about this game, that us seems like we are not worthy to play.He is telling us that he tested all the builds ( abusing the Hefei quest ofc ) and a true ‘warrior’ like himself has killed many players with his super ‘wisdom build’, but with his ‘nuker’ avatar, not ‘warrior’.

I know it’s pathetic and makes you laugh, but with so many ‘great achievements’ and knowledge when is put in face of ‘practice’, he simply hacks/cheats. Why, you may ask ? I believe this behavior it is not from today, it is from always. Since Acclaim times him and his ‘gang’ knew many of the bugs and hacks ( they were in VGM team) and used them under ‘official’ protection.

So, how history and the rest of players will remember Shannyy after this ?

He, the almighty hacker that claimed to be the best warrior on Bardo/Phoenix, than the best nuker, helped by his ‘NMT pro hackers’ to spread the stupidity among ‘avatars’ in the land of 9d, guiding them to make bad builds in pvp and pve to reach ‘immortality’ , was defeated by his own stupidity. If only…stupidity would hurt…


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