Short Update, Patching to 126

Hey all,

This is just a short update as I havent been able to post on the forums this week yet. I’ve been spending most of the time I have for the forums answering PMs. I’ve managed to get my box cleared out every day, but that has been eating up all my time posting to the community as a whole. :-\

Anyway, it looks like we WILL be patching up to the 126 tomorrow…which is fantastic for a lot of reasons. First, it will finally remove the Halloween Event (so you should get rid of any pumpkins and candles you have ASAP).

Second, It will introduce the Christmas (Holiday) event that we weren’t able to get in in time for the holiday season. Xmas decos, give-aways, auto buffs on the weekend, santa quests, etc are all in this event smile.gif. (It is kind of lame that we are having a christmas event in Feb. I know…but I figured it was better than NOT having the event at all, you will get 2 holiday events for 2011 though)

Third, it will fix many bugs. Including the random “i got disconnected/logged out and when I came back all my items/skills/quests etc…” bug. This bug is apparently just a visual bug, and the characters affected by it still have all their items and stuff, but the bug makes it so you cannot see them in your menus.

Fourth, New content will be added. Specifically a new tutorial/starting zone for the game.

I am still building the full patch-notes, which will include the list of bugs fixed and details on all this stuff.

Finally, and the only bad part of the news, was that Indy was supposed to include a fix to the crash bug that happens when players open stands with certain characters in the text. sad.gif QA informed me this bug is still around, even though it was presumed fixed.

Mods, please do not pin this, ill update again tomorrow with a go/nogo for the patch, and notes if we are go smile.gif

Update to Update:



Indy21 sent us another test version last night instead of a Live release candidate. This means that the patch we have can only be applied to the test server. So we cannot patch today and this week as a result. I honestly don’t know what to say…this is the 7th version of the 126 client we have tested now. So we are taking the opportunity to double up on QA on this one and make sure that they bugs they fixed are actually fixed and the new content and events are working properly.

I am very sorry, as well as very disappointed. We requested the Live version and were looking forward to patching out the Crashing Stand bug (Indy said they fixed it, but my QA team is skeptical) and the inventory bug among several other bugs, and getting in the new content while releasing a new event and getting rid of Halloween.

When we finally patch, early next week, I will hook up some added XP and Promotion/Sale events for a longer period of time.

For now, all I can do is start the weekend event early. So enjoy the double xp until Monday, and we WILL get this live as soon as possible next week.

Thanks all sad.gif (HYPERION)


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