Safe zones : karma farms (4)

I will start today with a quote from KEADR, a 9dragons players that posted on forum :

Should make the pen like suicide buff with something extra thrown in xD then no one would do it just like no one really ever uses BoT clan skill o.o decrease defense by 250% decrease speed by 200% ummm maybe take some dodge then take around 2k karma and put 10 losses on combat record o.O karma+combat record=what them Safe Zone Pkrs are so proud of and their oh so amazing karma of course. =P Pretty sure with that almost no one would SZ PK and you should probably take SZ out of BP kinda dumb to have it there anyways if ppl don’t want to die why’d the go to the only PVP map in the game?

“Omg finally Savage Warrior, only had to PK a couple thousand ppl, 24+ lvls under me. I’m so godly and good at pvping…..whoooooo”

…and adding some guards that can do actual damage would be nice.

Let’s see what happen today in bloody plain and let’s see the ‘true pvp-ers’ of Phoenix server into action :








You will see on the article tomorrow how they die like flies…


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