The next patch

…with the NEXT patch, along with new content and bug fixes, there is the Holiday event that Indy prepared for over a month ago but we couldn’t release do to the 125 patch integration. It features a certain Jolly Fat Man in a Red Suit, now, from my perspective, its worth having this event because everyone loves the holidays, but it is certainly out of place timing wise.

Does this bother you? I hope not, but if you guys do not want the Holiday event because its been delayed so long, then I can talk to Indy about it. Although, Indy21 will be out of the office for most of next week due to Lunar New Year celebrations, so even if you did want it out, it would probably be impossible because they won’t be around much next week to make new patches for me. :-\

Following the holiday event, there will be a Lunar New Year event, along with (I think) an update to the Strategist Skills (I believe this is coming, but need updates from my localization team and Indy to be sure, I will keep you updated).

I know the crash hack is really affecting the game right now. I am in talks with Indy on how we can repair it ASAP. ( HYPERION)


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