Client crash hack solution – Tested and working.

KATUAREHE wrote on 9d forum :

A couple of days ago, I got my hands on the code people are using to crash peoples game clients in Hefei and at boss spawns. After reading something DeadlyNS posted here, a friend and i did some testing in a corner of Hefei hopefully far enough away for no one to be effected, sorry if you were. The result was we have come up with a solution that will prevent you from being crashed by these assholes.

There are 2 parts to this bug, meaning there are 2 ways you need to protect yourself.

The first part is – You need to Un-tick “Display other players names”

Anything that comes into range of the infected client will be crashed, if you can see their name you will crash.

The second part is – Turn off General chat and Map roars (and possibly Lions roars too didn’t test this)

If the infected character chats in either General Chat or Map Chat and you are in range of it you will crash (so will they)

Until there is a permanent fix, or the hackers find another way to crash us this should provide some relief, and somewhat restore our market place and boss spawns.

Cheers to those that helped.

If the GMs don’t have the crash code pm me and i’ll give it to you if it will help.

The highlighted settings must look exactly like mine, the rest can be left as you prefer.


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