Patch 125 issues

If you are getting disconnected (or have any other new game-related issue since updating), please post here.Do not post here if you hacks/bots are broken. That is intended.

Some issues and responses have been posted in this thread and I thought it might be nice for some to see them in the first post:


Just a heads up, we are aware of this (of course) and have reported it to Indy for fixing. The GM/QA team is preparing a big list of the most important issues for Indy to fix that I will probably send out over the weekend. Clearly the vagabonds need their lightfoot back ASAP.

Map Issues / DC Issues / Hacker Issues:

Maps have been falling down since this patch. At least the DC issue isn’t as bad as I had feared, that would have been much worse.

We’ll restart the maps as they collapse.

As for the hacking, while I had hoped that most stuff would be blocked right off the bat, it was a little unrealistic to expect that at this time. The important thing is that the new anti-hack has been integrated successfully.

I will shoot the hacking team an email to begin implementing the blocks to specific hacks, I will challenge them to “impress” you. Considering this community isn’t impressed by anything short of money raining from the sky, they have quite the task ahead of them.

Patching Issues
Try uninstalling and reinstalling the latest downloadable version from GamersFirst Live (Ver. 124).

Other Issues

  • The NPC Sima Tiezhong (M&D) is currently missing from Hefei.
  • The chat filter is back (HYPERION)



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