Maintenance Today!, Patching to 125! (2pm PST, 10pm GMT)

Hey all,

NOTE: This patch was supposed to remove the Halloween event, but we found Zombies still running around. Indy’s patch notes did not mention that the halloween event was taken out, but Indys patch notes are hit or miss when it comes to changelog details. I highly recommend trading in your Halloween event rewards ASAP. Man, these zombies are tough to kill…

Today we are going to be patching up to version 125 at 2pm PST, 10pm GMT. Version 125 has one purpose and one purpose only, anti-hack mitigation. Unfortunately, due to time constraints we were unable to take GG out and insert the new anti-hack program at the same time, so we have been running without protection for some time now. To be honest though, having GG was like not having protection anyway, so the best course of action was to remove GG when we did and implement the new system now. I had not mentioned this before because if I talked about it publicly, then it would just bring more attention to the situation and that would have led to more people using hacks/bots during the “limbo” period.

I am not going to give out information about the new program we are using, because if I do, then it will give cheaters a head start in finding ways to get around it. While I have confidence that our new program will protect the game better than ever before, I am very aware that things I say on the subject are voraciously devoured by the hack sites/forums for clues on how to get around anti-hack measures.

Getting in this new program was a challenge; as such we had to sacrifice the client-side content and event that we had planned to launch with the hack mitigation update. We will postpone releasing the content/event until further notice, likely within the next 2 weeks.

I am also going to take the Sale down today after the patch if all goes well or possibly tomorrow if something breaks and my efforts are more needed trying to solve issues that might come up.

This patch has been vigorously QA’d for the last several weeks, and we went through multiple different crash issues, disconnect issues, and content issues until we got the patch to a seemingly stable state. While it is stable to my internal and external QA/Development teams, that does not mean it will be perfectly stable on the live environment. The range of computers we use to test covers the general range of computers most of our players use on all our games, but does not take into account the multiple random programs you all have running on your personal machines. I remember when we changed anti-hack programs on War Rock, and there were still issues at launch despite several months of compatabillity testing.

Thanks, and if you have any issues, please report them in this thread only for now. If something comes up that requires additional focus, ill either make a new thread, or direct someone else to make a new thread about it.



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