The test for PVP tournament has started on korean server

The test for the tournament call ‘War Machines’ started on korean server. The server was reset in 6 January and the teams are determined by lottery system. The competition  is divided into individual and team competition and the tournament format will be provided at the right time and place. Individual sections are set to four steps of competition. The team competition will be form by 9 players belonging to different clans and roles.

Characters are wearing costumes, personal belongings, weapons and their level of skills will be imported to test server with a reset of their status points. At individual sections, there will be rounds according to the lottery tables and the rankings will be made like in a real competition with sections. One winner will be declared as the best pvp-er. At team competition, each of team members will war with the members of the other team and will be hold some team matches. Teams will be judged according to performance. The fights rounds will take about 10 minutes and will be held on a new map. Of course there will be rewards for the winners.


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