Safe zones : karma farms

Like any newbie before you want to explore a place you read about it and try to collect impressions. In a guide about the    ‘ bloody plain’  is noted like in a story :

Bloody Plain is the only map that is a PK Zone on every server.

PK is short for Player Kill Mode in 9Dragons and it refers to a style of game play in which players can engage in combat with other players without advanced warning or consent. It is distinguished from normal play or Pleasant Mode where combat can only be initiated as a Duel between players with mutual consent. Upon transition to a PK Zone, a warning sign will appear that reads, “Your mode can be switched to Combat mode without your intention in this area. Do you still want to move?” You may then decide to accept or decline moving to that new area or map.

Safety Zones and Defenders of Bloody Plain
The White Clan Safety Zone is typically guarded by a Defender of Shaolin and The Black Clan Safety Zone is typically guarded by a Brotherhood Windsman. Within each Safety Zone you will also find either a Master Hand, Imperial Army Guard or a Bloody Hand, Infernal Army Guard who will enforce the rules of The Safety Zone and hand out severe punishments to those who break them.

In reality things are different. There are no guards, just karma farmers. To lift their combat records and karma record title, so called ‘pvp[ers]’ are killing players in safe zone, exploiting the fact that out there are no guards. Because bloody plain is accessible to all levels a high level player can kill even with felony penalty ( felony penalty: Movement speed will be reduced by 80%, all defense and dodge capability will be reduced by 30%, and Lightfoot Technique will be disabled for 3 hours ) all players that are in that moment in safe zone. The same system was in Acclaim times too, but with Fugen shifts, the punishment for those who broke the safe zone rules was few days ban and and if the players continues with the behavior :  ‘permanent ban’.

For those who think that the G1 does not punish such behavior is wrong.Let’s see one of those who want to be a ‘wannabe pk-er’, farming in safe zone karma and combat record points :

Since we live in 9dragons after karma rules, in the end Saliimander was kicked out of safe zone by higher levels players (nature law :a bigger fish swallows the small)  :

Because the SPIRIT OF JUSTICE must prevail over EVIL, there is only one solution to this kind of behavior : REPORT! Even if he will receive a 3 day ban like a warning, all these things will weigh to the ‘player file’ and at a right moment : BAAM ! PERMANENT BAN! Do not let them get away so easy !


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